Friday, November 26, 2010

Success, visible and invisible

Today we officially launched Butterfly Collection Lingerie!  I am so excited about launching a business I've wanted to create for many years. Butterfly Collection is an online store for full bust women in Canada and the US. We carry large cup bras from lingerie brands Panache, Cleo, Masquerade, Claudette, Enell Sports Bras, Grenier, Royce and Elila.

We want busty women to feel great about themselves both physically and emotionally. This may sound like a big feat for mere underwear, but I know from personal experience that really beautiful, supportive underwear can make you feel proud and confident. We want to bring choice to women in North America who have long had to suffer in ill-fitting bras. Because we only sell bras for big busts we can focus on the needs of these women completely.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have many exceptional women who foster the idea that beauty starts on the inside and radiates outwards. Any success that we experience will in no small part be due to my fabulous mother who told me at 16 that every girl deserves to have the underwear she wants because if you have to wear bras for the rest of your days, they may as well be gorgeous!

We want to help busty women understand their best fit and size with tools like our Bra School and our Bra Size Calculator. Our success will be lifting the spirits and confidence of our customers (as well as lifting some boobs along the way!) Thank you to everyone who made the successful launch of our website possible! xx

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