Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being Kind to Ourselves

At this time of year there's lots to be done and you can get caught up in the Holiday chaos. If you're a super organized gal then you probably have it all sewn up but for lots of people the pressure seems overwhelming.

We've been so busy with Butterfly Collection this year that I had to send out apology emails to people saying that their presents would be uninspired or we would only be able to come to a party for a couple of hours rather than into the wee small hours. The emails I had back reminded me of the magic of Christmas. People genuinely want simple things in life, your time and care. One of my friends recommended going into 'isolation' on Christmas Eve with a cup of tea (my favourite) so that I can recharge my batteries and reflect on all the good things this year has brought, then be ready to celebrate with friends and family on Christmas Day.

This is the best gift I've had so far, a reminder that it's OK to be kind to yourself. Women are extraordinary creatures, we can multi-task, empathize, be professional, silly and a soft place to land. Whatever you are to everyone in your life, we are wishing you some time this Christmas to be kind to yourself and remember that you're pretty fab!! xxx