Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Choosing to feel beautiful

Serenade Black with matching brief
Wearing clothes and lingerie that make you feel beautiful are a way of celebrating your body. There is nothing wrong with demonstrating your gratitude for your body by dressing it in fabrics and designs that make you happy. Wearing lingerie that makes you feel beautiful is empowering and liberating but it can also have a positive knock-on effect in other areas of your life.

Every year I have a major wardrobe purge. Knowing that the clothes in my wardrobe are all things that I like to wear and that make me feel put together alleviates the stress of putting something on that makes me feel negative about my body. Since I started doing this five years ago I have found my body hang-ups have diminished significantly. I have a lot less clothing than I suspect many women have (about 15-20 items total) but they're all things I love to wear.

When it comes to lingerie I have to wear a bra everyday (as most busty women do) so rather than feel like my bras are just functional I have chosen to make them part of what makes me feel good. I own practical beige bras but I always buy ones that give me a shape I love or have pretty details. When I can buy matching underwear I do because I love that I have the option to be co-ordinated since the expansion of the D-K market.

There's no lingerie in the world that's going to miraculously make your life easier but we can choose to be happier. Choosing to feel beautiful and dress you body in a way that YOU find beautiful (there are no wrong decisions here) means you can start your day with confidence and happiness.

I challenge you to opt to wear your best underwear (matching knicks too wherever possible) for a week and see whether feeling beautiful just for you makes a difference. Life's too short to keep things for 'best'; let's make every day a reason for feeling beautiful. xx

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