Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolutions or Just Common Sense

Firstly, my apologies for being absent for so long, I'd love to have a good excuse but really it was just a three week festival of After Eights, mini pickled onions and brie. Needless to say my digestive system needs a rest!

Of course it's the time of year when you can't escape the word 'resolution', whether you've made your own or have been bombarded with other people's hopes and promises. I've never been one for making resolutions, but the New Year does bring with it an inevitable sense of possibility. This imaginary wall, between all the errors of last year and the great strides you intend to make this year, goes up at the stroke of midnight.

I think most of us, and especially women, strive very hard to be better people year on year, to make better choices, learn from our mistakes and carry our wisdom forward with confidence. This is a life resolution that's a pretty good habit.

In my sphere of work I'm always trying to empower women when it comes to their boobs. By being confident and happy in your body it frees up all that mental energy spent worrying whether your backside looks as good as J-lo's or your skin is as flawless as an airbrushed Vogue cover. Imagine what you can achieve when you don't have to worry about that stuff! And it really is within your power to do so.

We started Butterfly Collection because we see beauty in every shape and size, but mostly we see beauty in the confidence radiating from a women who embraces her curves (or lack thereof), dresses them well both with underwear and her unique style, then faces the world with a positive attitude and sense of purpose. Because we sell full bust bras from a 30E to a plus size bra in 44H we get to know women of all shapes and sizes and the unerring truth is that, if you know your body and are proud of it then you're ahead of the game.

I hope that whether you have specific resolutions and goals that you want to attain or simply intend for this to be the best year ever, that you succeed on every level. Wishing you good breast health and happiness in 2011 xxx

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  1. Thanks for this post! It is true, beauty comes in EVERY size. And with organizations like yourselves you can help women make this realization! All the best for 2011.