Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Buy the Wrong Bra

It's very easy to buy the wrong bra but by pinpointing which Bra-Buying mistake you make you can learn how to change it!

1. The Big Band Brigade
This is the most common mistake. Buying a bra with a huge band that gives you no support. Women do this because they think that a firm fitting band is uncomfortable – it’s only uncomfortable when you’re in the wrong cup size. The most common size mistake I see is women in a 36C who should actually be in a 32E. Why is this? Because most high street stores don’t offer E+ cups and so women force themselves into what’s available.

The biggest ailment that comes with wearing the wrong band size is the band riding up at the back (giving you back fat) straps digging into your shoulders, straps slipping off your shoulders, wires digging in you at the sides and your boobs spilling out at the front. Measuring yourself regularly (or getting measured somewhere reputable) will get you a step closer to the right bras. If you're not sure what size range you should be looking for our Bra Size Calculator can help.

2. The Never-Changing Story
Ask yourself if you want the same hairstyle now as you had 10 years ago, or the same wardrobe, or makeup. If the answer is no then why do you think you should be in the same underwear? We all change with time. Our skin, weight and hormones all play a part in our changing shape. This doesn’t mean you can’t look phenomenal in lingerie, but it does mean you need to adapt your bras to your changing shape. At the very least you should be getting re-measured every year and more often if you are pregnant, experiencing weight-gain or weight-loss or going through the menopause. This isn’t just aesthetics; you can feel physically much better in the right sized bra.

3. Style Counseling
If you’re shopping on the high street and don’t have access to a store that carries a full range of sizes, not only are you squeezing into the wrong size, you are most likely in the wrong style. The bra industry is constantly trying to push-up, deep plunge and volumize smaller boobs with styles that are not designed for ladies with their own oomph! Your natural curves are heavier than the average 34B and so you need styles designed with better support. Every busty girl should have at least three supportive everyday bras that keep her boobs firmly in place. You should have a sports bra designed for busty women. Beyond that you might need a strapless bra, a plunge bra and I believe every woman should have at least one set that makes her feel beautiful and special!

Things you will discover in the right underwear
1. You’re figure is different. The right bra should lift your bust so that your nipples are exactly half way between your shoulder and elbow when stood looking in a mirror. This bust line makes your waist more pronounced showing your curvaceous figure.

2. Your clothes will fit better. Wearing the wrong underwear makes everything you put over the top of it look wrong. With the right foundations anything you put over the top will look more polished.

3. You wont be uncomfortable or in pain. Being free from these two things can revolutionize your life making you happier and more confident.

I hope you can figure out which bra shopping mistake you've been making and start your journey towards better fit. xx

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