Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maximum Appeal

Being a plus size girl in Canada today does not mean you have to forego fashion and beauty. Slowly but surely the fashion industry is designing and producing more clothing and accessories for plus size women. Regardless of what shape or size you are, the undeniable fact is that the right underwear will make you look and feel better in your clothes.

FIT, FIT, FIT!! This is the key to rocking your plus size style. If your underwear isn’t doing you any favours then I can guarantee that whatever you put over the top of it will look less than great. You want to flatter and support your curves so consider the material as well as the cut when buying lingerie.

Bras: Different bras are good for different outfits and styles but every plus size girl should invest in at least three really good 3 part bras. The 3 part bra gives you lift, separation and control because the seams work to give you support (see this video to see how seams work). You don’t want to spoil your style with the dreaded quadra-boob that you get from a bad bra.

Underwear: High-waisted underwear has come a long way since the scary knickers your grandma used to wear. Using control fabrics mixed withsilks and cottons, these modern day shapers keep your curves smooth and supported so your silhouette is fantastic! When wearing a short or full brief choose one that has a tapered edge (i.e. gets thinner at the edges rather than a hard seam) this will prevent visible lines under your clothes.

Don’t let anyone tell you that curvy girls can’t wear thongs, but be sure to buy ones in seamless designs that don’t cut into you (the eternal trick for all women is to buy a size bigger than your dress size).

Microfiber is a plus size girl’s friend. It’s a supportive material that stretches with your movement keeping you comfortable and sleek. Microfiber is also great at keeping you cool as the breathable design wicks moisture away from your skin which prevents skin irritations. 

Plus size women tend to have weight fluctuations caused by water retention, periods and seasons. These fluctuations can equate to a whole band or cup size so make sure you keep an eye on your bust size. Once you get into the habit of doing this it’s not a big hassle and the benefits of being in the right bra are significant! You may find that you need a couple of bras in a bigger cup for the week you are on your period then return to your regular size. 

The best thing about being in the right lingerie is that you’ll revolutionize your wardrobe over night and discover you had a waist after all! If you want some tips on the best places in Canada to find plus size fashions and services then check out  and

Regardless of your size you can only ever look your most beautiful when you feel it. Your confidence radiates in your posture, smile and walk. Remember beauty is not defined by a dress size. People want to be around happy and confident people and getting your fabulous self into the right plus size lingerie will make you feel great! xx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Fit Tips to Check When Putting On Your Bra

Chances are you’ve been putting on bras for a long time now and you do it without thinking. Well, perhaps it’s time to think about it again because you can develop bad habits that mean you’re not maximizing the fabulous curves you’ve been blessed with. Here are 5 tips to check when putting on your bra.

1.    When you put on your bra always lean forward so that all of your breast tissue falls inside your cup and you get maximum curve appeal. The most common places for breast tissue to get trapped is under the bottom of the cup and behind the wire under your armpit. 

2. Run you hands inside your cups to ensure that you have swept the tissue away from your armpit and into your cups. This will reduce your risk of breast tissue migration and let you know if your cups are too small. 

3. Look at yourself side on in the mirror and check if you have any spillage at the front of your cups. If you've done steps one and two correctly then you'll know that the spillage means you need a larger cup size.

4.    Check that your straps are adjusted so that your cups are smooth and you have the right lift. Your straps will move with every wear so they'll need to be adjusted every few wears. Check out this video for more information on straps

5.    Lift your arms up over your head. If your band moves up your body (sometimes revealing your breasts escaping underneath your cups) then your band is too loose. Either tighten your band or if you're on the tightest hooks then it's time for a new bra.

Having the right bra is only going to make you look and feel your best if you put it on correctly so it's worth checking these fit tips every day xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You Your Own Worst Bra Enemy?

I see a lot of women who are obviously in the wrong bra. May of them don't know that they can have a better fit and feel better in their boobs. There are lots of common Bra Myths that women tell themselves that keep them in the wrong bras. Here are the most common things I hear about bras that keep women from looking and feeling great in their bras.

1)    “I find a loose bra is more comfortable.”
Myth Buster: A bra with a band size that is too big for you is the most common mistake when buying bras. Sure, you can't feel your band but it's causing you all sorts of other problems. A loose band causes it to ride up your back, it forces your straps to slip off your shoulders, it causes your straps to dig into your shoulders, it causes back rolls and it causes your breasts to sag at the front.

Your band needs to support 80% of your bust’s weight so it needs to be snug but not cutting into you. You should be able to run two fingers underneath your band comfortably. Bra straps should only be used to level out your boobs (most girls have one higher than the other) and offer 20% support. 

2)    “I always have my bra on the tightest hook.”
Myth Buster: There are usually 3 rows of hooks on your bra and you should think of them as a timeline. A new bra should fit you comfortably on the hooks nearest the end of your band. As it starts to give over time (as all bras do) you will graduate to using the middle hook then when you’re on the tightest hook you know you’ve got about 1-3 months of wear left in it then it’s time to get a new bra. Handy really – it’s like when peas rise to the top of the water they’re cooked – when you’re on the tightest hook you’re ready for a new bra!

3)    “I have a big bust so I only ever wear a minimizer bra so I look smaller.”
Myth Buster: Minimizer bras make me want to cry. Not only are they bad for your circulation and skin, they give you an undefined, spread-out look which is anything but attractive. A proper-fitting, full cup bra will give you support and a great silhouette. Your curves make you look slimmer not bigger.

4)    “I never wear a strapless bra, I’m too busty.”
Myth Buster: Bra manufacturers are catching on that big busted women aren’t mythical creatures and may actually want to wear strapless tops and dresses! When you understand that most of your support comes from your band size it’s not so crazy to think about wearing a strapless bra. There are still very few strapless options in HH, J, JJ, K and KK cups but the market is getting much better. 

5) “I can’t afford to buy my actual size so I just buy a big D cup.”
Myth Buster: This to me is as crazy as saying “I wear children’s shoes because they’re cheaper”. You don’t do that because you know your feet would be wrecked and you’d be in pain. Why wouldn’t you give your boobs the same courtesy? The wrong bra may be passable for a week but then it’s dead and you’ll have to buy another ill-fitting bra sooner rather than later. If you know how to look after your bras properly they can last you a long time and the financial investment will be worth it for your health, style, self confidence and happiness! We’re lobbying the manufacturers to bring the price down for big cup bras as there are lots of busty girls in Canada and the US.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these Bra Buying Mistakes then get yourself bra-educated and give them a new lease of life in a properly fitting bra. Our bra size calculator is a good place to start narrowing down your bra size range. Wearing the right bra makes you more comfortable, healthy, polished and most importantly, more confident. xx

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Boob Thank You for Mother’s Day

My friends know that I am a big fan of my Mum (fondly referred to by many as “The Sue”) not only do we look and sound very similar; she’s also one of the funniest people I know. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that The Sue was a significant figure in my decision to start selling bras for full bust women in Canada. I wanted to give other women the feeling of pride about their curves that my Mum gave me. With the UK Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Boob Stories as the daughter of a big bosomed legend!

As I’ve talked about before, my first bra shopping trip with my Mum was a distinctly grown up affair where we went into town, just the two of us, and stopped for lunch (like ladies do!) She didn’t rush me and talked about how becoming a woman is a wonderful thing but that being descended from busty Welsh women it was likely I’d grow to need some hefty bras. That being the case I should ALWAYS have the bras that I felt great in. Never scrimp on being well supported and feeling good in your bra – good advice! My Mum introduced me to a fabulous bra fitter, Jill who is still my bra fitter! 

The reality of being big-boobed is that it’s pretty funny at times. On my first date with Mr Butterfly I dropped popcorn down my cleavage and dare not retrieve it until we’d parted ways. I called The Sue to tell her and she said “a lady never flinches when she has trapped food in her cleavage!”  On another occasion I was telling my Mum that I’d reached across the lunch table and knocked a bottle of ketchup over with one rogue boob, she told me it was genetic as she’d reached over the breakfast table to pour out more coffee then leaned back in her chair to find a jam lid stuck to her boob!

I’m very fortunate that I’ve got a 24/7, 365 days a year cheerleader who reminds me that life’s a funny ol’ game and that boobs are worth a chuckle now and again. Keeping a sense of humour about boobs, has helped me to stay happy and confident about my shape. Thank you Mum for all your support, in oh so many ways! Love you xx