Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 Fit Tips to Check When Putting On Your Bra

Chances are you’ve been putting on bras for a long time now and you do it without thinking. Well, perhaps it’s time to think about it again because you can develop bad habits that mean you’re not maximizing the fabulous curves you’ve been blessed with. Here are 5 tips to check when putting on your bra.

1.    When you put on your bra always lean forward so that all of your breast tissue falls inside your cup and you get maximum curve appeal. The most common places for breast tissue to get trapped is under the bottom of the cup and behind the wire under your armpit. 

2. Run you hands inside your cups to ensure that you have swept the tissue away from your armpit and into your cups. This will reduce your risk of breast tissue migration and let you know if your cups are too small. 

3. Look at yourself side on in the mirror and check if you have any spillage at the front of your cups. If you've done steps one and two correctly then you'll know that the spillage means you need a larger cup size.

4.    Check that your straps are adjusted so that your cups are smooth and you have the right lift. Your straps will move with every wear so they'll need to be adjusted every few wears. Check out this video for more information on straps

5.    Lift your arms up over your head. If your band moves up your body (sometimes revealing your breasts escaping underneath your cups) then your band is too loose. Either tighten your band or if you're on the tightest hooks then it's time for a new bra.

Having the right bra is only going to make you look and feel your best if you put it on correctly so it's worth checking these fit tips every day xx

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