Friday, June 17, 2011

Maxi Dresses for women Busty Women

I’m on the hunt at the moment for another summer maxi dress (well, OK, two actually). One for everyday and one for a friend’s wedding later in the summer. I am a dress FANATIC because I have to put half the effort into deciding what to wear!
The Ocean Breeze Dress from Canadian company Dress 911 would be a great everyday dress. I like my belts a little thicker than this one but I can find one I like. They also do free shipping in Canada (like us!) so it makes it easy to choose from their huge selection. 

I cheat a little with strapless dresses. If it's chilly I wear a short cardigan with my dress then I can wear a bra with straps.
The Macaw Maxi dress from UK company Monsoon is fabulous! Monsoon can fit a little small in the bust so other dresses I've had from them (and I'm had a few!) have been altered by letting out the lining and adding a dart. The quality is so worth it I don't mind having minor alterations done to well made dresses. 

I've only recently come to love the Maxi dress when I picked up a fab roman-esque dress from Monsoon in February. Unfortunately Monsoon doesn't ship to Canada so I can only shop this brand when I'm back in the UK or wait for them to go on sale on eBay.
For the extra curvy lady, Canadian company Voluptuous has the most gorgeous Maxi dress available. I don’t see it in their online store but if you live in Scarborough, Ajax, Vaughn, Mississauga or Toronto you can check out one of their stores.

Don't let anyone tell you that curvy girls can't wear stripes or bold patterns. The visual effect is actually slimming. xx


  1. I know this is an old post so maybe you've found jeans nirvanah between then and now, but I do have a suggestion. Mark's Work Wearhouse has some pants available in a "curvy girl" line. I've bought both denim pants and capri's. They had a wide waistband that is denim on the outside but elastic on the inside removing gaposis at the back. They generally stock multiple leg lengths but at 5' and a half inch, I really can't comment on how long the options are as I'm looking for the opposite end of leg length. They do have some serious "mom jean" styles, but poke around a little, they aren't all like that. I just looked at the website and I don't see jeans, but they do have curvy pants, like this:

    I've found your company/blog through K Line, loving reading through the blog.

    1. Oh Seraphinalina - thank you SO much for this suggestion! I have managed to find one pair of jeans since writing this post so I definitely need all the help I can get! I will check out MWW this weekend - thank you for reading! xx

    2. Oh it's my pleasure entirely, I think I read the whole blog between Tuesday and Wednesday. Good luck on the hunt!