Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Sears - Canada Deserves Better Bra Fitting Advice

In the world of big boobs there is one topic that reigns supreme – BRA FIT. The push to stop outdated bra fitting methods being used for women with larger breasts was pioneered by Busts 4 Justice who holds UK companies delivering bad fitting advice to account. Fit so important because the wrong fit can cause pain and distort the look of your boobs (quadraboob and monoboob being the most common results.

One of the biggest enemies of proper fit, especially for big boobs, is a piece of fitting advice used by many major stores and brands across the globe that is outdated and JUST PLAIN WRONG! Chances are you've been fitted using this advice:

“Measure under your boobs then add 4 or 5 inches to that measurement”. This bra fitting technique is almost 80 years old and not relevant to today's bra designs or materials. It comes from 1935 when Warner Bras brought out the first measuring techniques designed for bras that had no give in them and indeed some still had whale bones in them. Adding 4 or 5 inches to your band measurement renders the bra almost useless as over 80% of your bra’s support comes from the band. If you’ve ever had saggy boobs, painful shoulders, back ache, wires digging in or just been plain uncomfortable, chances are you were in a bra that was too big around the band.

One of the scary reasons why big named companies are still using this advice is because of something called Sister Sizing stores can fit more women into fewer sizes. This is much more cost effective but not in the best interests of women's breast health. American and Canadian women have endured an epidemic of bad and downright wrong bra fitting advice that had led many in pain and unhappy with their figures.

Sears has a long association with lingerie and with decades of fitting experience you would expect them to be a leaders in fitting advice. Not so. Their advice is so out of date it’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so detrimental. Not only does their website promote the 1935 fitting advice of adding 4-5 inches to your measurements, their “common bra problems” section suggests everything except BEING IN THE WRONG SIZE to solve the problem. 

Canada deserves better which is a HUGE reason why Butterfly Collection exists, to offer women with big boobs accurate fitting advice and supportive beautiful bras that make them feel good about themselves.  You will feel and look so much better when you’re in the right bra, so let’s demand a better service and product for women of all sizes in Canada. Your boobs deserve it! xx


  1. Well said - I've written a post about this myself!

  2. I love your post Sophia! It's such an important topic and there's so little talk about it here in Canada.

  3. I am so glad someone in Canada is finally putting this out there!

  4. The +4 method actually does work for me. I have a 30" underbust and I wear a 34B US/ 34C Europe. If someone put me in a 30" band, I would immediately assume they had no idea what they were doing.

    Yes, the +4 method doesn't work for every woman, but it does work for some women. And assuming that it's completely useless for everyone is just as detrimental as assuming that +4 works for everyone.

    Perhaps it's time for a new fitting method based on body type?

  5. There are always exceptions to the rule, always. Any fitter worth their salt will know that body type is a huge factor in which styles and brands will work. I don't believe there is a perfect fitting method however, I think we could have a much better starting place than Plus Four.

    Plus Four works for fewer women than it harms because there are only a couple of body types that benefit from adding inches to the band so why is it the rule as opposed to the exception? I believe the disproportionate promotion of Plus Four to the women it benefits is a ploy that allows manufacturers to get more women into fewer bra sizes. It's that to which I take objection.

    I'm so tired of women being told 80% of them are in the wrong bra when 80% of women won't benefit from the Plus Four Method. The bra advice and education peddled by TRUSTED stores and manufacturers is designed to increase profits and not lift. Women are being short changed because not enough players in the industry are empowering women to understand their bra size. Sure it's complicated but it's not rocket science and women deserve to be given the facts. If a manufacturer doesn't make a size that will fit a women then tell her, don't cram her into a tiny cup and unsupportive band just to make sales.

  6. How are we going to do fitting based on body type. First and this goes to US and UK lingerie stores, the lingerie stores, managers and sales( bra fitting specialist) have to agree and or believe if you will that the measuring methods are incorrect. As long as they think the measuring method is correct, they will continue to do what they are doing.

    I do agree Treacle, we need a bra/lingerie overhaul. Instead of trying to get women to fit the product, the product needs to benefit the woman.

    That said Mrs.B I have seen premeasured numbers for bandsize 30,32,34 etc. So instead of measuring to fit the woman, she needs to fit their number criteria to fit the band sizes. Ex : 29/30 is for a 34 band automatically, instead of measuring her and noting her underbust and counting to the next even number or next band size number- then cup count.