Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fitness and Boobs: Buoyant Boobs!

I was a member of my very first gym for about 18 months and it cost me approximately $300 per visit for the THREE times I went during that time. One of the biggest barriers was that I didn't have a good enough sports bra at the time. These days there are amazing sports bra for women with larger breasts (Enell and the Panache Sports bra) that make a huge difference to gym workouts. Since then I have joined various fitness groups and tried at home fitness videos but I never really got into a fitness groove until a new YMCA opened in Vancouver last year.

The Robert Lee YMCA is in the heart of my neighbourhood and before it opened their advertising made it clear that not only were they opening an incredible health facility they were also offering services to bring the community together. So me and Mr Butterfly signed up and after my first session I was sold. The building is designed to be full of light, which can be in short supply in Vancouver so every little helps. There are programs for every age and capability from the uber-buff to members rehabilitating mobility. Somehow this eclectic mix of families, die-hard gym dudes and older members not only works but makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger – a community.

It turns out that this kind of environment totally works for me, there’s no pressure, no parading your six-pack in front of the mirrors; it’s actually pleasant to be there. All I had to figure out now was what I was going to do because no matter how nice it is at the YMCA I still hate working out in the gym. I don’t hate the treadmill because of the boob-factor; I eliminated the big-boob-bounce a few years ago when I had to tame the girls so I could play basketball; it’s the monotony of the gym that zaps my enthusiasm. So I started hunting around the programs at the Robert Lee YMCA and went to my first Aquafit session. I started with a few shallow aquafit sessions then migrated to the deep-aquafit group and I knew I had found my big-boob-workout-heaven!

This is what has inspired me to create a series of videos about Boobs and Fitness because I know a lot of you still feel uncomfortable working out when you have a big chest. We’re starting with an interview with my Aquafit instructor, Nik Slomba, about why aquafit is a busty girl’s dream!

It’s fair to say that I am a HUGE fan of aquafit (not least because I get to work out to 80s dance tunes!) Since I started doing two 50 minute sessions a week I have noticed a huge change in my lung capacity and flexibility. Aquafit is the first exercise I’ve found that really gets my blood pumping but doesn’t cause me any boob stress; and that has changed my life!

If you have found an exercise, group or activity that totally fits your life and curves I would love to hear about it. I’m a fan of anything that keeps your curves looking toned and fabulous! xx


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