Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How To Wash Your Lingerie

Little acts of lingerie brutality are happening on a daily basis, it's commonly referred to as ‘the tumble dryer’. If I had my way every woman would be entitled to a free personal laundry service, but as it is, all I can offer you is a guide to making your lingerie live longer through good care. First here are some lingerie washing facts:

  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are bad for bras because heat destroys elastic and it's the elastic in your bra that gives you support.
  • Wash your bras after every two or three wears, this will revive the elastic when washed correctly.
  • Don't hang bras by one strap when they're drying, it will stretch out the strap. Hang them from the gore (the center part between the cups)
Lingerie Saints
The absolute best way to wash your lingerie is to hand wash. For those of you who have the time and patience to wash your smalls this way you will be rewarded with lingerie that looks beautiful for longer and lives much longer (making your investment in beautiful big bras worth it!) Using a gentle detergent and cool water are the key to keeping your delicates fresh. We love Canadian company SOAK who make this no-rinse lingerie detergent. It's fast, earth-friendly and comes in different scents.

Soak two or three bras in the sink or a bowl for about 25-30 minutes. Drain and refill with clean water and soak an additional 10 minutes. If you have a stubborn mark rub your thumb gently over the mark until it yields, don't scrub the fabric.
Lingerie Mortals
If you know you simply don't have the time or disposition to hand wash your bras and underwear there is a happy medium.

1) Pop your bras and knickers in a lingerie laundry bag, this is a mesh bag that stops your bras getting caught on other clothing which can stretch them out and damage them.

2) Wash on the coolest setting on your washing machine so that the elastic doesn't get too hot.

3) Once they come out of the machine hang your lingerie out to air dry instead of putting it into the dryer. Never wring out lingerie, it will damage the shape. Simply lay it flat on a towel to dry or hang it over a bath rail or washing line by the gore (the center part between the cups).

Lingerie Demons
If you know that you are will just forget to air dry then you can minimize the damage to your lingerie even when using a washing machine and dryer.

1) Wash and dry on the coolest temperatures available. This will stop the elastic in your bra breaking down so quickly. The violent motion of your machines will take a toll on your lingerie, but very high heat will do even more damage.

2) Make sure you use a lingerie bag to give your smalls some protection.

Bras for busty women are more expensive than high street 34B styles because the design and construction is more complicated so that it can support more weight. However, a well made bra that costs more will live longer through your laundry cycle (whichever method you use) than a cheap bra. Washing your bras thoughtfully will make your investment last longer. xx


  1. Thank you Claire!

  2. Do you have any suggestions for scent-free detergents for those with sensitive skin?

    1. It's so interesting you ask this as we've just ordered a scentless detergent from Canadian brand SOAK. Their detergents are plant based and rinse free so their scentless line is a great option for sensitive skin. You'll be able to purchase SOAK Scentless at Butterfly Collection from August 18th 2014 xx