Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Being Canadian Means to Butterfly Collection

The long weekend is looming and Canada has a chance to celebrate all the great things about Canada and being Canadian. For those of you who don’t know, I moved to Vancouver from the UK and fell in love with the ocean, the food and the people and decided to stay. I purposefully started Butterfly Collection as a dot ca company because I really believe that busty Canadian women looking for large cup bras deserve the lingerie choices readily available in the US and UK without all the border duty fees and hassle.

As I’m not a native Canadian I am handing you over this week to Mr Butterfly to talk about what being Canadian means to him and why he’s proud to have a Canadian lingerie company!

Me as Canada Won Hockey Gold!
“The Winter Olympics in Vancouver was a unique experience to see our nation’s pride condensed into one event. The atmosphere was infectious. Everywhere you turned there was the Maple Leaf and everyone was dressed in red and white. We were all excited to support our athletes and we were so proud to be Canadian. Those two weeks really brought home to me what an amazing country we live in.

Growing up in Alberta I didn’t imagine that I would end up owning an online lingerie company but that’s the beauty of being Canadian, our opportunities and diversity are endless. I grew up around a lot of European families so from an early age I understood that Canada is a melting pot of cultures. In fact this is our greatest strength. We are a compassionate nation who learn from each other and become stronger because of our willingness to learn and our open-mindedness.

Shooting bras for the website
I grew up with two sisters, one older one younger, and this was a baptism of fire into the world of women! My sisters are very different from one another and from this I knew that Butterfly Collection would always treat our customers as individuals because no two women’s needs are alike.

Being surrounded by strong women in my family then meeting a head-strong Brit on a mission for Canadian boobs, it has been a natural progression for me to dedicate my professional life to strengthening the self-esteem of busty Canadian women. I have always been inspired by Canadian companies like Mountain Equipment Co-op and Lululemon and wanted Butterfly Collection to be a Canadian company for Canadians. Canadian women deserve a brand that is just for them and I personally couldn’t be happier that we get to help improve their health and well-being.

It doesn’t hurt that being male I am able to remind women how truly beautiful the female form is. I personally and professionally celebrate curves and together Claire and I hope to bring this confidence and celebration to women across Canada! Happy Canada Day everyone!”


  1. Good for you, Paul and Claire! Thanks for being realistic and celebrating the female form as it is for once!

  2. As another UK ex-pat, I wish you all the very best with Butterfly as I too am 'curvy'. Great blog. Happy Canada Day.