Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yoga for Busty Women

Following on from our last Boobs and Fitness video Boobs and Aquafit we’re looking at Yoga and how it can work for busty ladies.
The reason we’re doing this series is to change the idea that exercise isn’t for busty women. I know from personal experience how traumatic working out can be with big boobs. Sports bras for busty women weren’t as readily available or attractive as they are today so my late teen years were spent avoiding sport (especially mixed sports) because I spent the entire time trying not to move from the waist up.

In this week's Fitness and Boobs video I chat to Elizabeth Srinivasan about the benefits of yoga for big busted women and what to expect from a yoga class for beginners or those getting back into yoga.

Elizabeth is a Hatha yoga goddess who teaches at  Moksha Yoga here in Vancouver. Moksha studios operate an inclusive principle for all ages, body types, levels of experience and flexibility.

We are very fortunate that Elizabeth has put together a 15 minute yoga workout designed for busty women. All the exercises are designed with curvy women in mind and will help to strengthen your core and upper body, important things for busty ladies. You can do this routine at home and find out whether yoga is right for you. xx

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