Friday, July 8, 2011

How to keep your breasts cool in hot weather

I love the warm weather, especially having any excuse to wear sleeveless dresses with ruffles and bows! I have learned though that the heat can play havoc with my boobs unless I have them well prepared. It's no good looking fantastic in your summer outfit and having hot, uncomfortable, clammy boobs. The first thing to do is protect your delicate breast skin from the sun. I love the Morning Glow moisturizer from Clean and Clear because it has an SPF15 and a light shimmer. A light moisturizer will actually help your boobs breath and expel heat so you don't get sweaty.

The SPF is really important and will protect against prematurely wrinkly skin caused by over exposure to the sun. The Clean and Clear range also keeps any pesky pimples away so your decolletage remains spotless!
Wearing anything cotton will help to keep your body cool because the fabric is breathable and actually pulls moisture away from the skin allowing it to evaporate naturally before you get sweaty - clever! A bra with a high cotton content is a good idea for anyone who overheats easily or gets skin irritations. A high cotton content bra will keep your girls cool in the hottest weather.

Trapped moisture anywhere near your boobs is a bad idea so a trusty deodorant is essential. I have very sensitive skin so there are only a few brands that I can use. One Canadian brand that I LOVE is Rocky Mountain Soap Company. They have a geranium deodorant that is effective but gentle. Their range is a little more expensive but so worth it.
My last tip is for the long-haired ladies out there. As the temperature rises your body gets oilier to compensate for the rapid drying of your skin. Oily hair resting against your cleavage can cause irritations and pimples so besides keeping your hair away from your chest it's a good idea to keep your hair oil free. I love the dry shampoo from Klorane. It's the perfect way to keep your hair oil free without having to wash it every day (which can actually make it more oily as your skin overcompensates for the drying effect of shampoo). A great touch-up for your hair after the beach or the gym and a great help on in-between washes days.

I hope these cool boob tips help you feel at your booby best this summer xx

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