Friday, July 15, 2011

Flying Essentials

In a few hours Mr Butterfly and I will be flying off to the UK for a couple of weeks. My Grandmother is turning 80 so we're all converging on England for a big family knees up! I have flown a lot in my life but I can't say it's my favourite thing so I have to make sure I have my in-flight essentials to make the 9 hour journey more bearable.

Like everyone I get super dehydrated on the plane and the little tray of water doesn't come around often enough. I buy a big bottle of water when I get through passport control and then filter it through my fabulous Santevia Energy Flask. The flask lowers the PH level of the water which counteracts the acidic side affects that flying can have on your stomach.

Besides keeping up with the water intake I have to keep my skin hydrated too. I have super dry skin that breaks out in hives at the mere mention of a scented lotion. I swear by Moisture Surge from Clinque. The travel size keeps my skin quenched without causing my skin to breakout.

I ALWAYS get hungry on a plane. I think it's because I'm not a big fan of flying and when I'm nervous, I eat. I take a little tupperware container of chocolate covered pretzels to eat on the plane. It's enough to stave off any hunger pangs between the cellophaned meals.
I find it hard to read on the plane but I love crosswords and puzzles. My ultimate must have for this flight is Scrabble on the iPad. Despite the fact that when playing against the computer it uses words that have never been near a dictionary, I still enjoy trying to beat the cheating little sod!

My go-to bra for flying is the Harmonie from Conturelle. It's my most comfortable, lightest bra and it will keep the girls happy until we get to England. I will be checking out some new lingerie lines in the UK and chatting with two European labels that are doing some super interesting things in big cups!
It's business as usual for Butterfly Collection with our lovely support team taking care of boobs and bras while we're away. On Tuesday July 19th you'll be able to tune into CBC Radio 1 in Vancouver at 8:20 for Sharil Tobin's segment about buying bras in Canada. I had a fantastic time with Sharil yesterday and will always remember trying to measure someone whilst doing a radio interview at the same time! You can listen to CBC by choosing one of their stations here.

I hope you all have amazing weekends lined up and that the sun makes an appearance! Next week's Curvy Life is straight from England so expect lots of talk about weird English foods! xx

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