Friday, August 12, 2011

Some of my Favourite Big Boob Blogs

Since we started Butterfly Collection I have met some incredible people both in the flesh and online. I have learned so much about bra designs, fitting and brands from women across the globe. Here are some of this week's best blogs from some of these brilliant women!

Swimwear and Lingerie
Swimwear and Lingerie blog is one of the best resources for lingerie and swimwear information from hundreds of sources. The always informative and slightly cheeky writing always makes me smile. Check out this week's blog "Wear Lingerie in Your Size...Duh!"

Thin and Curvy
No this isn't an oxymoron, this describes a huge number of women. You can be slim and have fantastic boobs and hips!! Of course being these proportions comes with its own fashion frustrations and Thin and Curvy helps you to navigate those. Check out this week's blog "Is Banana Republic's Mad Men line Curve-Friendly?"

Invest in Your Chest
One of my go to blogs every single week, Invest in Your Chest is a combination of fashion advice, empowering advice for women and opinion pieces. I am a BIG fan of this week's blog which explores why so many women are being kept away from smaller bands, bigger cups (right up my alley!!)xx


  1. I let Cheryl at Invest in Your Chest to know to put your blog on her blog roll. You run a great company and a fantastic blog that has and spreads information for so many different needs. Stellar job with everything!


  2. Would love to have you visit Hourglassy sometime!

  3. Hi Samantha - and thanks for your suggestion! Always love finding new great blogs :) x

  4. Samantha, thank you SO much for your lovely words. We are really proud of Butterfly but it's only possible because of like-minded women. Invest in Your Chest has been a staple of mine for a long time, you do an amazing job Cheryl.

    I have added Hourglassy to my must reads Darlene - thanks for the tip :) xx