Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning How To Tune Out Body Expectations

Birth of Venus - her curves were celebrated (and enhanced!)
The way a society defines 'Beauty' is always within a cultural and historic context. Right now we're experiencing a thin-bias in North America but at different points in history we're been biased towards other shapes. If you’re a size 16 today then you would have been a Rubenesque Super Model in the 17th Century. Some African cultures revere curves because it’s a sign that you’re healthy and sociable. Throughout Greece’s history curvy women have been praised for their sexual appeal and beauty.

Society's version of beauty is transient and not as real as seeing the beauty in yourself regardless of what anyone else says you 'should' look like. It's hard but try not to let the media’s ‘standards’ dictate your own expectations of yourself. Obsessing about not being something (a certain size, or shape or weight) can make you forget about all the other things you are in life, a great friend, a talented professional, humorous, kind. If you want to feel better about yourself then tuning out the expectations of others is a good place to start.
Regardless of your size you have to be proud of the body you have right now so that you can nourish it to help you achieve your physical and emotional goals. You need to be good to your body by feeding it well, dressing it well (including wearing the right bra of course!) and loving it. Nurturing yourself today means you can be in a better place tomorrow, hating yourself won’t help you get anywhere good. 

I’ve spoken a lot about the importance of self-esteem in relation to body image. No matter what size or shape you are, you must have some inner fortitude to rely on that says “I am a good person living a unique life and I’m grateful for this body for helping me to do that.”

Remember that love is more powerful than hate and that applies first and foremost to the way you treat yourself. If you treat your body with disdain then it can never yield anything positive. If you love and respect yourself then who knows what can blossom. xx

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