Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Which Bra for What Outfit?

September is one of my favourite months because it's still warm but the beautiful colours of autumn start to emerge. Of course this signals the need for new dresses (in my world at least!) so I thought it would be a good time to remind you that different outfits look even better with the right bra!

I'm a bit of a Banana Republic devotee so I'm using some of the dresses I'm lusting after to explain which bras are good for different styles. xx

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This is the bra I rely on to keep my boobs controlled and beautiful every day. It's ideal for dresses with sleeves or wide straps. Lightweight Wool Sheath Dress.

This is my favourite full cup bra, the Emotions Bra from Felina

I love textured materials, especially in the autumn and winter. The pale colour would benefit from a pale bra with a smooth cup that doesn't compete with the textured material. The Mad Men Lace Dress.

A great seamless bra for this dress is the X-treme comfort from Grenier.

Through my twenties I would have loved to have a plunge bra in my size but the industry hadn't quite caught on, so today I'm getting my fill of deep V-neck dresses with my trust bright pink plunge bra!! Silk Twist Strap.

My go-to bra for deep crossover dresses, The My Fit from Pleasure State.

I love the waist embellishment on this dress. A good strapless bra under a beautiful strapless dress like this is made even more dramatic with an accentuated waist - and I love the colour! Starburst Dress.

The Lolita from Le Mystere is a sturdy strapless bra made from beautiful material.

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