Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apple and Hourglass Shapes and Bras

A lot of our customers are Apple or Hourglass shapes. Like knowing which styles of clothing suit you it’s important to know which styles of bra suit you. Here are some tips on supporting and flattering Apple and Hourglass figures.

The Apple Girl's Traits:
Larger Bust
Broader Shoulders
Narrower Hips
Less Defined Waist
Apple girls have lots going on up top so the important thing is balance. Your bra needs to be as firm as possible to keep your boobs high. If you wear a bra with a band that is too big your boobs will sag and your waist will be even less defined.  Being an Apple can mean that you have a short torso so it’s important to wear bras with shallow wings (the part that attaches the cups to the clasps). If the wings are too tall it can chafe under your armpits. 

Choose a bra with full coverage, like Bella.
Apple girls can suffer greatly with back ache so it’s important to wear a full cup bra that keeps your breasts proportionally weighted across your chest. Avoid plunge bras. You can afford to pad out your lower half so that it balances your ample chest. Avoid wearing lower half shape wear, instead flaunt your curves in a full brief or short under A-line skirts. The number one accessory essential for an Apple girl is BELTS! Check out my friend Georgina’s belt obsession!

The Hourglass Girl's Traits:
Bust and hips nearly the same size
Well defined waist - 9" or more smaller than bust
Full Bust
Shapely Legs

You may not always feel like you’ve been blessed when your blouse pops open and your hips wont fit into jeans – but believe me, you’ve got one fabulous figure! The most common tendency of an hourglass girl is to cover up her chest, probably the result of having her boobs talked to more than her face. The worst thing you can do is try and squeeze your boobs into a bra that is too small. It’s a misconception that wearing a bigger bra will make your boobs look bigger, it will in fact do the opposite and keep your breasts completely in place making them appear smaller and more contained. 

My favourite control panties for hourglass figures
Your waist is your balancing asset as it draws attention away from your bust and hips. It’s important to wear underwear that flatters your waist. Control panties will flatten your tummy and taper towards your waist (one of my favourites is the Vintage brief from Grenier). For thongs and briefs be sure to wear delicate fabrics like lace and satin that do not create unsightly lumps in your hips. The most important thing is to be confident and proud of your beautiful figure!


  1. I always thought apple meant carrying weight around the middle/no waist and that it didn't really matter about shoulder size. I thought that's what I was. Narrow shoulders, large bust, large upper and lower abdoman, but I do have a bit of a waist indent. No butt or hips thoughs.

  2. Hey Tracy, I think all the body types are open to interpretation, they're just a guide. If you have an ample bust, and are generally larger up top than below then the Apple type is a good one to follow. Any waist definition is ALWAYS good :) Your waist helps balance out your bust xx