Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why it's a Privilege to Be a Bra Fitter

I’m all about demystifying bras and sizing so that women can get back in touch with their boobs. Bra Fitting is a complex practice but I believe that you can and should have the tools you need to understand your fit. You don't need to know every nuance of bra fitting but your bra fitter should explain to you why your bras fit your body and breast shape.

Besides the mechanics of bra fitting I have a privileged position as a bra fitter because it is an emotionally responsible role that women rely on as part of their body confidence. Too many women are turned away by stores who don’t carry their size or shoved into an ill-fitting bra just to make a sale. This maltreatment is internalized as having a ‘wrong body’ which leads to many women feeling like their bust is an unsolvable problem.

This is so common it’s heartbreaking and I spend a considerable amount of my time speaking to women about the emotional journey they have been on in the quest for a bra that simply fit. The biggest reason so many busty women hate their bust (and quite often subsequently hate their figures) is because too few places offer a wide enough range of sizes and professional, empathetic fitting services. No woman’s body is wrong, she simply hasn’t found the bras and boutique that are right for her.

Remember that bust volume is relative to band size - big cup doesn't necessary mean HUGE boobs :)
Because Butterfly Collection specializes in D-K cup bras I meet ladies who have experienced being told they’re too big to fit. This can be CRUSHING for your self-esteem. It is the single biggest joy of my job when I get to fit a woman into her first correctly fitting bra. To see a woman look into the mirror and smile at herself is such a privilege.

Lucy is a supportive bra for small backs and larger cup letters
Every single fitting is a story in its own right because every woman’s experience is unique. There are similar themes for sure, but you need to be fitted in a way that is understanding of you, your life and your history. I am so honoured to be part of my clients' bra journeys and to hear their personal and varied storiess. I’m so thrilled that Butterfly Collection can give your boobs the support and shape you deserve, but I’m even more fulfilled that I get to be part of your improving posture, happiness, and confidence. Thank you for making my job as a bra fitter such a privilege. xx

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