Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Post: Big Boobs, Meet White Shirt

Butterfly Collection customers know that when they're in the right bra their clothes look 10 times better. However, there are still some fashion frustrations for the big busted woman, namely the button down shirt. In my personal search for the classic and supremely versatile white shirt I found Darlene at Campbell and Kate and asked her to share with us her vision and solution to make big boobs and the white shirt friends again. Not only is she writing her story for us, she's also offering you all 15% off her timeless white shirt design with the code WHITESHIRTBUTTERFLY (offer ends Nov 15th 2011). Thank you Darlene!!

The Lure of the White Shirt
Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re browsing the racks of a cute little boutique and find a gorgeous white shirt that would fill a giant hole in your closet. You imagine all the looks you could create with it; tucked into a pencil skirt, over jeans, under a cute jacket - heaven! 
Before you know it you’re in the dressing room sliding it on. It fits over your shoulders perfectly, you start buttoning up and find it fits your waist perfectly too, not too tight, not too loose. Your hopes climb. Then you reach the button at your chest and it fastens but just barely. Instead of filling a gap in your closet, the shirt literally creates one.  

The Busty Girl's Makeshift Solutions
Traditionally you had three options when the inevitable button gaping happened:

1) Return it to the rack and focus on knits and bottoms instead
2) Resort to using yet another safety pin

3) Ask the sales assistant for a larger size

Until recently, these were the only options available to us but as more stores like Butterfly Collection focus on fit for full-busted women our options are increasing. My company, Campbell & Kate, creates clothing to wear over great fitting full bust bras and specializes in the classic white shirt.  

The Answer to Boobs meet Buttons
I began this venture because I was the woman browsing the boutique racks a few too many futile times. The Campbell & Kate Signature Shirt includes everything I wanted: 
  • No straining at the bust
  • A waistline visible from the front and back
  • Shoulder seams within a half inch of the shoulders and not halfway down the arms
  • Buttons all the way up to the collar stay
  • High quality fabric
  • Menswear-level tailoring

It took a long time to develop the Signature Shirt, and there were times I wondered if I should leave the job to custom shirt-makers. Thanks to the Kate in “Campbell & Kate” I kept going and when I finally tried on my own Signature Shirt in size 14L I felt everything I’d wanted to feel in those boutique dressing rooms!

I’ve been wearing my Signature Shirt for a year now, and I still smile when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It’s crisp and smart, and it fills a giant gap in my wardrobe. 

About the Author
Darlene is a founder of Campbell & Kate, a New York-based clothing company that ships iconic white shirts across the globe to women who wear a bra cup size D-H and dress size 4-14 (soon to be 2-16). The classic white shirt is the first of the line to launch with other colors to follow.

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