Friday, October 21, 2011

Holly Jackson Review: The Boudoir Starlet Bra from Alegro

I'm really excited about today's blog because it's the first in a series from Holly Jackson, a phenomenal lingerie writer for underwear goddesses like The Lingerie Addict and The Lingerie Journal! Holly has reviewed the Boudoir Starlet in Pink from Alegro and boy has she put that lacy bra through its paces.
"I think there’s a perception that many lingerie reviewers sit around in their underwear and write about it, but I tend to put my bras through the ringer in the name of getting a good review. I always hand wash and dry them at least once, and the Alegro Boudoir Starlet bra that Claire sent me was also tested at multiple business meetings, during an all day house cleaning session (surprise international visitors), and on the rides at the county fair.

But first, I’ll start from the beginning. The Alegro Boudoir Starlet bra came beautifully packaged with a lovely Elvis card from Claire. I get a lot of lingerie in the mail, and so much of it is just stuffed into plastic envelopes and shoved into a box. The wrapping and beautiful stickers on this package made it a joy to open. I was originally really attracted to the color (I love a great hot pink) but in person it had more purple in it. It was equally gorgeous, but a little unexpected. 

The bra itself is made of incredibly soft lace, and is really supportive. I got a 34G, which fit beautifully. I suspect this means the cups are very generous since I frequently need an H or above in some brands.  Most of my bras are padded, so I was surprised to find that an unpadded bra could be so comfortable and support me so well. The straps were very adjustable, and I haven’t had to readjust them after a week. 

I realized that after having this bra for a few days, I was reaching for it in preference to many of my other favorite bras. It fits so well that it really feels like I’m not wearing a bra, and it worked under lots of different outfits.  I tried it out first at some very long business meetings under a sleeveless top with a Second Base demi cami over it, and it worked out perfectly. The straps didn’t slip and show, and I looked taller and slimmer with it on. I also wore it out to dinner with some shapewear under a clingy jersey dress and it worked well in that context too. 
Around the middle of last week, we found out some Australian friends would be stopping by for a few days, so I went into a massive housecleaning frenzy.  The bra survived the experience well, my apartment was sparkling clean, and my back didn’t hurt by the end of the evening.

Finally, I wore it to the county fair. I’d never been to one before, and it was surprisingly cold that night. I had meant to change into a sports bra, but got busy and didn’t have time.  We spent about two hours riding some pretty intense thrill rides, and I felt great by the end of the night. One of the people I was with even asked if I was wearing my sports bra!

I’d never worn Alegro before this, but I will definitely be back for more.  If they all fit like this, I may have found a new favorite every day bra brand. My only regret is not getting the matching Boudoir Starlet panties, but I intend to remedy that this week." 

Have you tried Alegro yet? What's your take on the brand? I think their full cup bras are generous and their balconettes are true to size. What about you?

Holly Jackson is a professional lingerie copywriter and columnist.  She blogs and works at The Full Figured Chest

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  1. We are SO thrilled that you had such a good time with and in the Boudoir Starlet from Alegro! If you have to clean the house, may as well do it in pink lace right?! xx