Monday, October 24, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Post Roundup

As we come into the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I want to show you three great posts. The first is about making self breast exams easy, the second asks if we're actually making a difference anymore and the last is a gratuitous look at hot guys talking breast cancer awareness!

Maggie at SwimwearandLingerie has put together a fantastic blog post about breast self-exams along with a really helpful video. Worth checking out if you're not sure how to get to grips with your girls! Click here to read.

Some of you will be very familiar with Elisabeth Dale, breast expert and writer. She wrote for us earlier this year on the joys and mishaps of breastfeeding with big boobs! Elisabeth wrote a very brave and interesting piece asking whether Breast Cancer Awareness Month is still relevant or making progress. I think she raises some important questions about asks us not to be fooled by the pink ribbon. Worth a read.

It's well known that laughter is the best medicine. When laughter is delivered by some rather delicious young men, it's twice as effective. Check out this brilliant Breast Cancer Awareness Video from Rethink Breast Cancer. xx


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