Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Face to Face with Panache

Yesterday was a fab day, Mr Butterfly and I got to tour the Panache headquarters. Panache was not only willing to meet with us but really enthusiastic, which was such a great surprise. So many of the big brands are disinterested in us because we're independent and Canadian, but Panache were really interested to find out what's going on with busty Canadian women.

We were met by Panache Product Manager, Claire Heathcote who is obviously as passionate and obsessed with bra health as we are. She gave us a tour of the headquarters where we met the fabulous designers (all women!) of every Panache bra. We then met the sample designers who constantly create mockups (by hand) of the new designs; man are they talented and fast! Panache uses real women as opposed to just mannequins or CGI models to test new styles. They have a test group of 100 women (all different sizes and shapes) to ensure that they put every bra through their paces. Every single person we met was so keen to talk about their products and customer needs.

One of the most exciting things was getting a sneak peak of the 2012 Fall/Winter Collection - all I can say is you won't be disappointed!

We have been asking you to tell us what questions you have for Panache and we were able to ask them all so check out what Panache had to say:

Will Panache start doing 26 bands?
"The next collection we are designing is Spring 2013 and this will be the first trial of 26 bands in select styles in Cleo and maybe Superbra. We know that there is a huge need for 26 bands and we want to get the support absolutely right."
Tango is still Panache's best-selling bra
Can you make narrower set straps for petite women?
"We have several new strap designs, widths and materials coming out in the Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013. These have been coupled with shorter wires so that the bras are shallower under the armpit for petite women. Tango, Ariza and Andora will all have the shorter wires in GG+ sizes."

Why don't the underwear across the brands (Cleo, Superbra and Masquerade) all fit the same?
"The underwear for all brands is being standardized so that you know if you're a large in a Superbra thong, you're also that size in a Cleo thong. This standardization will be complete in the next year."

I really love that Panache is listening to their customers and I personally felt that my questions about the specific needs of Canadians were really taken to heart. My next stop is speaking to the North American Panache team about getting more competitions and deals for Canadian women, I'll keep you posted! I am really excited about expanding our Panache collection and working with such a thoughtful and passionate company. xx

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