Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Post: Mind the Gap! Coverage that Works for Busts.

Founder Jill Homiak wearing her bust covering design
I like finding bust friendly clothing designers for you because once you've got on the right bra you need a gorgeous bust friendly wardrobe to go with it. Today we have a post from Presenza founder, Jill Homiak about what drove her to create her own wrap top that actually kept her boobs covered without compromising her style.

"My first job was an entry-level sales position at a downtown firm in DC. I wanted to look my best, especially since I was just staring out. However, finding professional clothing that fitted me was a real challenge and one that I’d pretty much given up on. I’d tried button-downs and they always had major “poppage” across the bust’s apex. I tried wrap dresses and tops, but they typically fell so low, I’d have to wear a camisole with it. Once I put the camisole underneath, I felt the look wasn’t as polished or sophisticated as I wanted it.

All the tops I had were blousy so they would fit over my chest, but I never felt as professional as I would wearing a collared button-down.

About 5 months into my job, I received an email from my staff manager at the end of the day. She had written that my outfit was ‘inappropriate’. I was in grey dress pants, a burgundy silky deep v-neck and a cream colored tank, all from Banana Republic. What was inappropriate about that? I happened to be in flip-flops walking from the subway to my desk when she had seen me, so I wasn’t sure if she meant my shoes or not. I responded and asked her to specify. She said my top was “too revealing”. I was angry and embarrassed to say the least. This woman knew nothing of my struggles to find appropriate clothing to cover my bust, she was a tall stick figure! The tank I was wearing had a built in bra which I had to pull at throughout the day to stop it falling down and revealing cleavage. I guess she saw me in between modesty pull ups! Even wearing a camisole under the v-neck had failed me!

I knew there had to be solution to my problem – not just a quick-fix or “cover up”. Why was it that the wrap style and v-neck, two of the most flattering fits for the full-chest woman, never actually fit? Once I realized I wasn’t the only one with the problem, I set out to launch Presenza – a line of patent-pending wrap tops made with the chest in mind. I solved the coverage problem around the bust using the patent-pending feature which allows the shirt’s top half to expand by unbuttoning the area under the arm for more "cleavage coverage." Now I can pass on the confidence to other women of knowing you’ll never “show off” unless you choose to!"

~ Jill Homiak is the Founder and Designer at Presenza 

What do you think of Jill's designs? Do you usually have to wear a camisole under your shirts as a security in case of poppage or gaping? xx

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