Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on Hennes I expect more from you!

When I wrote the recent blog post "It's not popular but I like Real Women" I knew some people would counter with "all women are beautiful". I totally agree, but my argument still stands that we don't actually see Real Women in vast swathes of media and advertising and the 'female' images we're exposed to are actually largely unattainable and in some cases totally faked.

I could not ask for a more blatant example of what I'm talking about than H&M's gargantuanly stupid move of using real women's heads on computer generated bodies.  In case you missed it, here's the side by side gallery of 'one body fits all'.

I'm upset with H&M because I don't want to be treated like an idiot by the brands I shop with. If you're going to use a computer generated body at least try and change it up a bit - but no, they just whacked the same body and pose on every woman.

Having worked in the media I know that you really can't believe all you read and that's why I'm so passionate about being a critical consumer. Don't let yourself be told what to wear and how to look - make informed decisions for yourself. This is why I like the term 'real women' in relation to the media because we are exposed to so many fake, over air-brushed, over photoshopped, overly NOT HUMAN images!

Women are under enough pressure to physically conform. Let's not make matters even worse by comparing ourselves to computer generated versions of woman. We are so beautiful and diverse and I want the brands I shop with to recognize and celebrate that fact - not erase it.

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