Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holly Jackson Review: Porcelain Viva from Panache

The lovely Holly from The Full Figure Chest faced one of her lingerie demons and decided to try a nude bra. I was confident that the pretty nude Porcelain Viva was a good choice to break the anti-nude cycle. Here's how Holly got on...

When only nude will do
I’ve always had a difficult relationship with nude bras. This is evident when you look at my lingerie drawer. It’s overflowing with jewel tones, blues, greens, and loud patterned lingerie. However, one can’t go without a nude bra forever. After realizing that two of my recent dress purchases turned out to be more sheer than I had initially expected, I felt like it was time to revisit my feelings about nude colored lingerie. 
I’d read nothing but rave reviews about the Panache Porcelain line of bras, so I was eager to try them for myself. I got a 34G, which is usually my standard size. It’s a seamless bra, but the cups have just enough decoration to make it feel a little bit special. I love how the stripes on the cups mimic a wide pinstripe pattern!

The Particulars
The straps on this bra are of the thin variety, so if you have strong preferences about straps that may influence your feelings about the Porcelain Viva. They are supportive and strong, and didn’t dig in. The back was perfect on me, and the cups came up high and felt supportive. The bra fit well, but the cups weren’t as generous as the Allegro from my previous review. I’m right on the edge of needing a GG in this one, but I find lots of brands run that way on me.
What is a nude bra good for?
I love how this bra just disappears under clothing. It works under t-shirts as well as my sheer tank tops that I live in. It also works under my white dress from ASOS that just about anything shows through. If you plan to use this bra under light colored clothing, I’d recommend grabbing the matching Panache panties while you’re at it. I have a nude colored pair that is a slightly different shade that did show through the same dress, so Panache is clearly doing something superior with their nude shades. This bra also works well with my nude colored shapewear, which makes it easy to mix and match shapewear sets when you need to.

I think this bra would be ideal if you were putting together an underwear as outerwear style outfit. I usually wear a sheer tank top and a color coordinating bra if I wear a bodysuit as a shirt, but with this bra I could get great coverage without worrying about matching a third layer of color.

For all of my griping about nude bras, I’ve really learned to love this one. It’s an amazingly functional bra that works under lots of outfits, and it feels supportive even after you’ve been wearing it all day.

Holly Jackson is a professional lingerie copywriter and columnist.  She blogs and works at The Full Figured Chest

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