Friday, January 6, 2012

The 'Emotional' Bra Resolution

If you are one for making resolutions then I ask you to add one more to your list; 'I resolve to feeling better in my bras.' The reason I say feel better is that I know for certain that wearing the correctly fitting bra is a life changing experience. Whether you love your figure, are working on getting fitter or are on a journey to accept your body, wearing the right bra will make you feel more confident and happy in your skin.

A lot of women don't realize that they can find bras in their size, or that wearing the right bra will change how they look in their clothes and improve their posture. Getting your boobs front and centre rather than resting around your midriff will be an enormous difference and that's just for starters!

How do I find the right bra?
Great bra fit is the one single thing I wish for every woman this year. This seemingly simple thing evades so many women not least because so few stores carry small backs and larger cups which is why we are committed to growing our collection throughout 2012 to help even more busty women find their perfect bra.

In the meantime January is going to be a month of Back to Basics blogs about what great bra fit means and how to find it. It's never a bad idea to do a checklist of bra basics and find out whether you're kicking off the year doing your boobs justice. Monday we'll look at the 5 vital fit signs that let you know if you're rocking the right bra for your boobs. Happy New Year everyone xx

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