Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holly Jackson Review: 3 excuses we use to keep wearing the wrong bra size.

I spent almost ten days with my female relatives over the holidays, and I'm pretty sure I've heard all the excuses people make for not having a bra fitting. My female relatives range in age from 40-70, and they spout all the same excuses I hear from my 20 and 30-something female friends. My very unscientific survey tells me that wearing the wrong bra size spans the ages and relies on well-worn excuses.

So here are the three most common excuses women use for wearing the wrong bra size, and why these don't hold water anymore:

1. "I love my cleavage!"
Admittedly, this excuse comes mostly from my friends and not my relatives, but it's a frequently cited reason for people not to explore the correct bra size. When your bra is too small, it does create mega-cleavage. Unfortunately, it does this by creating that lovely uniboob look that we all desire so much. If your bra is small enough, you may even find that your breasts spill out the bottom of it, making your chest look like a misshapen marshmallow.

I honestly don't know where this lack of cleavage fear comes from, but it isn't real. There are lots of great plunge bras out there for D+ women which lift, separate, and create some killer cleavage. You'll also discover the added bonus of having your breasts closer to your shoulders than your hips for the first time in your life when you get fitted correctly. Don't believe me? Pick up this Glamour Curves Plunge Bra in Gold ( and see for yourself.

2. "I've been a 42B/C/D for 20 years!"
I come from a family of small boned women who I suspect all wear 40 bands and up. It drives me nuts. In the world of bra bands, plus size is considered a 36. If you're between a size 0 and a 12, you're probably in the 28-34 band range.

This excuse comes from being fitted years ago and never getting fitted again. If you have lost or gained more than ten pounds, had a baby, or even toned up a lot then you should go get fitted. Claire does Skype fittings ( for precisely this reason. A bra size is just a number like anything else. Finding your correct number will help your spine, your posture, and your health for years to come.

3. "I hate bra shopping. And I can't buy bras off the internet because they never fit."
I sympathize with this. I dread having to go into a bra boutique that doesn't carry my cup size, or having strangers look at my chest. And I hate getting all excited about a bra that comes in the mail and doesn't fit.

If you really want an easy shopping experience, sign up for a Skype fitting. Claire will then find you several bras that are guaranteed to fit and send them to you. Presto, a basic bra wardrobe with very little work. After that, start learning what brands you like and how they fit you. Sites like Bratabase ( can be really useful when trying to find new brands that will work for you.

Last, but certainly not least, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you're not sure if something from an online boutique will fit you, just email the owner. They're always happy to help, and you'll be happier and healthier as a result of being curious.

So which of these excuses are your female friends and relatives using for wearing the wrong bra size?

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