Monday, January 23, 2012

Rethinking Skin Toned Bras

Claudette's American Tan colour is a great addition to the full bust nude spectrum
North America buys more skin-toned bras than any other colour. It's important to remember that skin-toned bras come in all sorts of colours so no single colour is a nude bra. Too many stores refer to beige bras as Nude and this excludes the millions of women for whom beige would be far from nude.

Finding a bra that is as close to your skin tone as possible makes your bra less visible under pale clothing which lots of women welcome when wearing pale or fine clothing. With such a disproportionate number of beige bras on the market many women don't know that they have other options when looking for a skin-toned bra that's right for them.
Image courtesy of My Skins who create an array of skin toned bras
The Nude Spectrum
There are some manufacturers who are producing an array of skin toned bras and hopefully this will gain momentum. Currently there is still a lack of skin tone choices in the full bust market. I love the styles and colours available from My Skins but they only go to a D cup right now. Full bust manufacturer, Claudette, has created some really great skin tone bras up to a G cup so there is movement in the right direction.

From skin toned bras to colourful bras in the right hue, lots of bras can appear invisible under clothing
The Colourful Nudes
For lots of women a beige bra serves as a perfect skin toned bra, however, many others find they get a much more invisible look with other colours. The reason a bra looks less visible under clothing is because the hue of the colour is close to the hue of the skin. You can find a similar hue from other colours, not necessarily just a skin coloured bra. Some colours are particularly good at blending with skin tones, these include pale pink, lilac, yellow and even red. If you are very pale then pink and yellow can work well. If you have a mid-tone complexion then lilac and orange colours blend well. Darker skin tones work well with reds and purples which can appear invisible under clothing.

 If you want to rethink your skin toned bra then maybe venturing out into different colours will yield some surprising results! xx

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  1. Ewa Michalak also has some nice flesh tones:
    Kakao is coming:
    And also Czekolada set in dark brown, though it's not shown as nude bra.