Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Boobs Tell You When They Need a New Bra

We are getting back to bra basics so that you can spend the rest of the year (and hopefully your life) in bras that fit you. Even if you don't yet know your bra size range (I say range because you may fit a 30FF in one style or brand and a 32F in others) you can easily work out if your current bras do or don't fit you by listening to your boobs. If your boobs are uncomfortable, irritated or feel unsupported then they're trying to tell you that your current bras aren't working for them. The Five Essential Fit Points in the diagram above are the easiest way to assess whether your bra fits.

Five Signs That Your Bra Fits (or doesn't!)
1. Cups: Your cups fit you when all your breast tissue sits inside the cup (this includes the breast tissue at your armpit). Your bra mustn't gape between the cup and the breast, this means the cup is too big (be sure that you've adjusted your bra strap so that your cup is close to your body before assessing whether it's too big). If you have boob spilling over the cup then it's too small or your band may be riding up high on your back causing your cups to tip at the front. If your band is riding up then check out fit check #2.

2. Band: Your band fits you when it stays level with the ground at the front and back even when you lift your arms straight up in the air. It is too small if it hurts and digs in. It is too big if it rides up your back or you can easily pull it away from your body. If you can lift your bra away from your body when you pull at the front of your bra your band is definitely way too big for you.

3. Gore: This is the centre panel that sits against your breastbone between your boobs. It should lie flat against your skin. If there is a gap between the gore and your body then either your cups are too small, band is too big or both. If the gore digs in then the band is too small on that particular bra - the same band size on a different brand may fit perfectly or the gore is too tall. Your breast bone and breast shape may require you to wear a shorter gore like a plunge style. If you have very close breasts (there's almost no gap between them) then you may find it difficult to get a gore to tack to your body completely. In this case it's important to check that the rest of the fit signs are correct.

4. Straps: Your straps need to be adjusted to accommodate a smaller breast (shorten the strap on the side of your smaller breast). If your straps dig in you need a smaller band size and larger cup. If your straps slip down then chances are your band is too big and riding up your back which causes your straps to lose tension and all off your shoulders so you need a smaller band size. You could also try a different style of bra with closer set straps if you have narrow or sloping shoulders.

5. Wings: These are the two parts that pass around your body and fasten at the back. The depth of the wings can affect how comfortable your bra is. If you have a short torso then the depth of the wing will make even more difference. Choose bras that leave at least 1/4 an inch space between the top of the wing and your armpit.

If any of the five fit signs above show signs of not fitting then it's time to check your bra size. An easy way to get started is by using our Bra Size Calculator. Take 5 minutes and check the five fit signs against the bra you have on right now and listen to whether your boobs are happy xx


  1. My breasts are a bit saggy now and I think my bra aren't giving them enough support. Thanks for this advice because it has saved me from getting a breast lift in Long Island.

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