Monday, April 2, 2012

Facebook: Which Bra Brands Are Actually Listening to Customers

There are two kinds of lingerie brands as far as I'm concerned... the ones who want their customers to love wearing their lingerie and the kind who think anyone who doesn't love wearing their lingerie is an idiot.

The arrogant lingerie brands are also deaf, dumb and blind to the fact that women exist outside of the 32-38 A-D paradigm. "We don't get any call for G cups, it's just a marketing ploy" is an arrogant comment I've heard more than once. We experienced a lot of this shortsightedness at Curve Las Vegas.  I have total respect for the brands who say "We don't have the expertise to make bras for women over a D cup" or "our designs are for A-D cups" they are cognoscente of their strengths and don't want to deliver a sub-standard product - bravo! That's quite different from dismissing the existence of larger cupped women completely.

Separating the Social Wheat from the Chaff
With the ever-expanding social media world those brands who truly listen to their customers are fast distinguishing themselves from the old guard of stubborn brands. Here's my list of brands who have an engaging and enjoyable Facebook presence:

Curvy Kate
Curvy Kate continues to raise the standard of what it means to be a social lingerie brand. Their engaging and informative social activity also includes the wildly successful Star in a Bra campaign which is run entirely through their social media channels. A great mix of fashion, fun and knowledge I always pause to read their posts. Curvy Kate has also recognized that different countries need their own social media messaging. Curvy Kate Australia and Curvy Kate USA share country specific as well as brand-wide information something lots of brands overlook (to their detriment in my opinion).

Most of you know that I love Panache and the biggest reason is they are one of the few companies who have actively realized that Canadian and American women get ripped off when it comes to price on D-K cups. Lots of Panache bras retail for under $70 which makes being a busty woman much easier on your wallet (then throw in Free Shipping like we do every day, and you've got happy boobies!) Panache have been super interested in our feedback as a retailer and from our customers - heck they even let us tour their HQ and meet all the bra designers!

On the social front I think Panache is still working out their voice. They have fab photography and their work with British Olympians on their sports bra is fantastic, but there still doesn't seem to be a great deal of interaction. I would love to see Panache grow their social media strategy and come up with some fantastic interactive competitions and activities for Panache customers and retailers. We want to love you even more!!

Freya has fantastic photography and uses their Facebook to share some great fitting and style advice. Lots of customers post questions to the Freya page which Freya then answer which makes it really useful for other Freya customers. Freya is involved in a lot of media shoots and has recently teamed up with the England Netball team to promote their sportswear.

Alegro Lingerie has a tiny Facebook presence right now but the reason I'm including them is because they are responding to every single thing that customers ask, write or think about them. So few brands answer speculative questions honestly but Alegro is obviously setting up its social media activity to be transparent and honest. Check out their response to my review and public questions over on Thin and Curvy's blog. I think we can expect really good things from this burgeoning brand (not least because their bras are so lovely!)

Claudette is a relative newcomer to the lingerie scene but already they're making a big impression. Their Facebook is a vibrant place driven by varied and gorgeous photography. We're trying out Claudette's Neon Green Mesh bra this spring and hope to grow our relationship with them as they venture into even bigger cups.

Regarded by many to be the ultimate in sports bra control, Enell is using their Facebook page to mentally and physically support women. I really love their approach to well-being and health. They don't use this page as a constant selling tool (something which bugs me about some brands). Enell shares tips about leading a healthy life both in and out of your Enell bra. 

Some Other Brands to 'Like'
There are some other brands whose Facebook activity I enjoy. Not all these are in English but that doesn't matter when you can enjoy the photography.

Ewa Michalak - Polish brand with phenomenal bras and refreshingly diverse models
Kris Line - Another Polish brand with good photography
Pleasure State - US company with a growing Facebook presence
Affinitas - A UK brand whose photography is great.

Lingerie is such a personal thing and the companies that connect with the emotional element of buying intimates will having much deeper customer loyalty and a greater understanding of the changing needs of women. I take Butterfly Collection's Facebook responsibility very seriously. It is a place to share the joy, facts, frustrations and stories of being a busty woman. Our business is selling D-K bras but our passion is making women feel happy and confident about their figures xx


  1. One brand that I have really started to appreciate on Facebook in 2wenty8, done by The Big Bra Bar. They do not have a large Facebook presence, posts are few and irregular. But when they post questions on their Facebook they are directed at customers and meeting their needs. They get opinions on stock, requests for specific needs, etc. But what sets them apart is that they actually listen to these needs. They came out with a limited quantity 26 band bra (up to an H cup) this season as a trial.
    I thought Pleasure State was Australian. I've never been able to find them in the US. They are incredibly popular with some of my AUS friends because their VIP line comes to a G cup and is so incredibly gorgeous.
    I just checked out Enell's page. I have to say that I love it. The letter to Fergie is fabulous, and the tips they share about healthy lifestyle is more appreciated then the constant marketing use of other brands. Thanks for that one!

    1. I'll definitely check out 2wenty8, it's good to see brands using social media to ask their customers things rather than just telling them stuff. I really like Enell's approach to social media - a very genuine voice. xx

  2. Great post and I agree, it really makes a difference for me when I see companies interact well with their customers. Curvy Kate, Freya, and Ewa Michalak are the bra companies that I've had the most interaction with and that definitely sticks in my mind and makes me want to buy more from them. Ditto with clothing companies too. BiuBiu and Pinup Girl Clothing (and the different designers there) both seem to interact well with their customers and listen to their wants, which really gives them major points in my book. :)

    1. I definitely need to get to know some bust-friendly clothing brands better. Social media is a really great way to distinguish the brands who understand busty women from those who simply don't care. xx

  3. I will definitely check out 2wenty8 and agree with you June I have had great interaction from those brands too and love that I am heard and really they should hear us because we are the customers and know what we need for our boobs so they should listen then they can make Bras that suit us which will sell.