Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Organic Wedding Makeup

As I've mentioned before I have very sensitive skin; daily hives, swollen eyes and rashes are commonplace for me. Blotchy and red isn't exactly the look I want as a bride when Mr Butterfly and I get married next month so I needed to get the skin situation under control and find beauty products and makeup that don't make me look like I have the plague!

Back in March I wrote about the potential links between cosmetic/beauty product chemicals and the rise in breast cancer as discussed in the documentary Pink Ribbons Inc. As the descendent of breast cancer survivors I am keen to minimize my risks wherever possible so I have been on a chemical free skin regime for a month. My daily hives have gone from all over my torso, neck and face (and taking about 2 hours to disappear) to just 5 on my back and chest which ease after about 30 minutes. It's safe to say I love my Rocky Mountain Soap products especially the Cocoa Butter Soap and Coconut Lip Butter.

Finding chemical free makeup has been SO much harder than finding good beauty products. I trawled the internet but found that the products were either insanely expensive or came with hefty mailing charges. I turned to our fabulous makeup artist Lien (btw her new blog, The Soulcialite, is jam packed with fashion and makeup tips) to help me track down some chemical free options.

Curlique is a store/education facility where you get top notch products and expert advice
Lien took me to Curlique in Vancouver, a totally amazing and unique place with top name cosmetics handled by makeup graduates from a local school, Blanche MacDonald. After listening carefully to my skin history, our makeup graduate, Paula, came back with a brand that has changed my life! Sappho is a line of chemical free cosmetics designed here in British Columbia by a TV and Film makeup artist, JoAnn Fowler.
All Sappho products can be bought online
Regular foundations make my skin tight and sting within seconds of application. Sappho foundation is made of natural mineral pigments suspended in essential oils; it's light, doesn't sting and the colour's fab. Because the foundation worked so well I was like a kid in a candy store and wanted to see everything Sappho had to offer! The prices aren't crazy and considering that they're organic, animal-friendly and mostly sustainable, I think the price is great:
  1. Foundation $48
  2. Concealer $27
  3. Eye Shadows $20
  4. Blush $28
  5. Brushes $11-$33
Concealer, foundation, blush, five eye shadows and four animal-friendly makeup brushes later I felt excited about makeup again! Lien has me on a strict skin regime between now and the wedding and I'm excited that I'll actually look the way I feel - glowing with happiness not hives! Do you have a product you love for sensitive skin or have you made the switch to a chemical free cosmetics line? xx


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. :)

    I generally don't wear makeup, but I strive to have all natural face and body products (shampoo, lotion, balms, etc.) and buy organic whenever possible. A little while ago I was given a free sample of a body lotion made out of goat's milk produced by a herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. It was fantastic!! I have yet to order anything from the company, myself (I keep meaning to but finances are not what I'd like them to be!), but I've read rave reviews online about the products in general. Maybe you'd want to check them out, too:

  2. I love that you truly learn something new every day. I've never heard of Nigerian dwarf goats before and now I want a herd of them - they're SO CUTE!!! Thanks for the link - it's so interesting to see the variety in chemical-free beauty out there. Thank you for the congrats - I'm really excited and very happy that I get to do pretty without the chemicals xx

  3. What a great article! So well written and informative. Thank you for sharing info on our products in the store. We love carrying organic and vegan lines at CurliQue. We just sourced out this amazing new cult makeup brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics which has more intense pigments than Sappho and is also 100% natural. We will be having upcoming free product seminars on organic skincare lines like Eminence and Odacite, we'll make sure to send you an invite. Thank you again for visiting and for the wonderful article! - the CurliQue team and Blanche Macdonald Centre

    1. Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad you like the article. It really has made a big difference to me to have makeup that works with my skin and makes me feel beautiful. I would love to attend an organic seminar so you can email me at xx

  4. I love that Sappho is really increasing in popularity, I have been using it on clients and retailing if for years!!

    1. I get married on Sunday and can't wait to wear my Sappho makeup :) xx