Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ralph Lauren Bust-Friendly Dresses

I spend most of my life in dresses partly because I am a total girly-girl and love being in a skirt and partly because jeans and I no longer speak to one another. My figure doesn't look great in pinup style clothing (although I often wish it did because then I could wear this dress!) I need a dress with either a V neck or boat neckline and a flattering skirt. Flattering on me is something that doesn't cling to my hips but follows the line of my curves without adding bulk.

The Bay in Vancouver (the big Canadian department store) recently got a giant facelift and added tonnes of well-priced mid-designer dresses to their collection. One of the additions which surprisingly works with my figure is Ralph Lauren's dress line. I'm a 32GG and lots of these dresses work across my bustline in a size 10. Here are some of my favourites:

$145 CAD - I love the colour and the 3/4 sleeve helps to draw the eyeline away from my bust. The ruched tummy panel is my eternal friend

$149 CAD - I'm a big fan of colour and this green is so pretty. There is more wiggle room in here for boobs as it's not an empire waist. The buckle gives a nice detail and I'm hooked on the little shoulder pads!

$183 CAD - One shoulder dresses have been a revelation to me. I didn't expect them to be as flattering as they are. The lace is elegant and modern and I think the colour is spring sexy.

$149 CAD Pattern is my friend because it hides the lumps and bumps that create my hips! I think this is a great day to night dress.
I still struggle to find bust-friendly dresses in Vancouver so I shop online a lot. Do you have a favourite brand whose dresses I need to check out? xx


  1. Have you tried BiuBiu yet? Also, have you seen the Canadian brand where they make custom made clothes? Another option is AJ Rumina (I have a couple of shirts form there and they do offer a dress too).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions June. I'd never seen Ureshii. I always like to support Canadian companies so I'm super happy to see that one. xx

    2. I really want to try them but will wait until I hit my goal weight because of the price. However, it really looks like a great option AND they carry maternity clothes, which is really great for busty soon-to-be moms. :)

  2. I second Ureshii. They're pretty awesome, and their clothing is incredibly comfy, as it's all knit.

  3. Another great online store to try is eShakti. Their selection and the range of possible customizations is much broader than Ureshii, and I also much prefer the styling of their dresses. The downside is that the manufacturing is done overseas, so watch out for those import duties!