Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Curvy Kate's 'Star in a Bra' is More than a Competition

For those of you not familiar with this British brand, Curvy Kate is a line of lingerie designed specifically for D-K cup women. Their fun, beautiful and sexy designs bring excitement and joy to women shopping for big cup bras, which is why we stock this brand at Butterfly Collection because bras should be fun for big boobs too!
Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust came 3rd in last year's UK SIAB
Since 2009 Curvy Kate has run a model search called 'Star in a Bra' which looks for naturally busty women to become their spokes-boobs and model for a year. Last year's UK finalists included the fabulous Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and the lovely Lizzie Haines who ultimately won the competition. The competition has generated a huge amount of interest over the last three years and last week the competition went stateside with the first Star In A Bra USA!

We are incredibly proud to sell Curvy Kate bras - Lottie above is my absolute favourite
Why North America Needs 'Star in a Bra'
It is beyond fantastic that this competition has come to North America because injecting some celebration into big boobs is much needed. I have always been shocked at the vast differences between how European and British women view their busty figures as opposed to how American and Canadian women perceive themselves.

I'm not suggesting that every British busty woman spends every minute of every day being delighted at her G cups but there is definitely more widespread acceptance and celebration of being busty. There is without doubt a greater sense of embarrassment and 'shame' about big boobs here in North America. I don't know where it comes from but I know (and see it on a daily basis) that it holds women back from accepting and loving their bodies.

There are so few places in the media that celebrate naturally busty women with positivity, education and empowerment. Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra competition gives naturally busty women a voice and shines a light on the beauty, diversity and plight of D-K cup women.
Lizzie Haines won the UK 2011 SIAB - Her humour, passion and humility are infectious
How Star in a Bra Works
  • Details about how to enter and how to vote are available on Curvy Kate USA's Facebook Page
  • Top 30 contestants will be chosen by the Curvy Kate staff 
  • Through Facebook the public will vote for their favourites - the 10 with the most votes become finalists
  • The Top 10 get flown to a professional photo shoot for a Curvy Kate makeover
  • These 10 go back to the public vote and a winner is then announced
  • The winner will appear in print and web promotions for a year and attend events as the SIAB winner
If you fancy entering (and I highly encourage all my beautiful, talented and brilliant American readers to do so!) then it's worth reading these submission tips to give yourself the best chance! 

More than a Competition
We need to change the cultural perceptions around larger boobs in North America (who wants their busty 15 year old to spend the rest of her life with a crippling shame weighing on her!?) A lot of the emotional baggage around being busty is fabricated and you have to choose not to listen to it. The rest of the strain comes from not being in the right bra and that's where companies like Curvy Kate (and dare I say Butterfly Collection) can help. Please let me know if you plan on entering because I will throw every inch of my busty support behind your boobs!! It could be the best thing you do for yourself! xx

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  1. Those bra are so cute and fab! I'd like to ask though if you could recommend a bra that would reduce the size of my breast? I'm planning to have a breast reduction in Long Island but I'm hoping you could suggest a good bra that will conceal my too big chest.