Monday, May 14, 2012

12 MORE Must-Read Boobilicious Blogs

We had a fantastic response to our original 12 Must-Read Boobilicious Blogs post. It's so exciting to see that people want to know more about their bra size and options as well as breast health and fashion for busty women. In the last six months since the original 12 post there have been even more new blogs talking about the quest for great bra fit and fashion.
This is one of my new favourites written by a North American blogger (we need more of these please!) On the search for small back, larger cup bras as well as the fashion to flatter her shape, this blog is easy to read, uplifting (in more ways than one) and gives you some good ideas.
This blog only came on my radar earlier this year and has already made a big impact. Christine, the author, is passionate about good bra fit, easy to relate to and a bit of a geek - which I love!! I highly recommend checking out her blog.
A new-ish UK blogger, Curvy Wordy has a great writing style and covers a lot more than just the bras. She's eloquent about her struggles without being a Moaning Minnie (sorry, but some bloggers just vent and that gets dull fast - Curvy Wordy is definitely not that!) This blog is always chock-full of good pics too!
Considered by many to be the Godmother of Lingerie, The Lingerie Addict is a mecca of lingerie knowledge and passion. Headed by Treacle, the original addict, this blog has information for buyers, sellers and designers alike. A must-have in your lingerie list.
This blog is almost brand-spanking new but I have to include it because it shows such promise and made me super excited that young American women are getting involved in the bra conversation. Izzy is just 17 and yet she already knows that she's been short changed in the bra department. As a 32HH she wants to spread the word to other young women and improve bra knowledge in the US - HALLELUIAH!!!!!
This is the blog for Presenza, the brand behind a line of bust-friendly wrap blouses. The brainchild of Jill Homiak this blog has fashion and style tips for busty women of all proportions.
Written by the lovely Maggie (here in Canada no less!) you are always guaranteed to learn, giggle and empathize when reading her blog. Maggie is also a tireless supporter of lingerie bloggers, retweeting them whenever humanly possible.
Busts 4 Justice is the home of one of my bra heroines, Beckie, who single-handedly brought Marks and Spencer's to their knees on national TV and admit that big busts need to be treated more fairly. She is a fantastic advocate for good bra advice, sizing and offerings. I was lucky to be interviewed by Beckie last year about my mission for Butterfly Collection and large breasted Canadians! In my head she wears a cape all the time!
Hourglassy is the blog for Campbell and Kate, designers and makers of classic white button-down shirts for larger breasted women. Darlene is a passionate writer who understands the life and wants of a busty woman. Her journey as both business owner and busty clothing magician is absolutely worth the read.
Three things to know about this lady - She has fantastic style, amazing hair and a killer personality - if that doesn't make you want to read her blog then you're like stone! A UK blogger, this young and vibrant blogger has heaps of fashion picks for busty women and lots of knowledge about what constitutes good fit. Check her out!

They say a good blog is defined by a unique voice and I think an ex-military, bra loving, dog owner counts as a unique voice! You'll find small band and big cup reviews as well as general bra questions and a passion for great fit!
Guilty pleasure is a compendium of great lingerie articles and blogs from the unique and lovely Miss Tique as well as designers and other lingerie experts. Whether you're looking for some sports bras advice or reviews of the most exquisite luxury French designers, Guilty Pleasures will have something for you.

Well that's my 12 extra blogs for you - I hope you see some faves and some new ones in there. Let me know if I've missed your favourite xx


  1. I love your lists, always gives me some great new finds to read! ;)

  2. Thanks for including me on your list!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog! :) I love finding new reads through your lists!

  4. I feel honored for the recognition! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!

  5. Thank you so much for including me! Plus I found a few new ones to follow. :) Off to check the original post for even more new reads.

  6. Aw, this is wonderful! I'm so honored to be in such amazing company. As someone who reads most of these blogs on a daily basis, it's surreal to see my blog next to these. Thank you! (Represent North America.)

  7. Claire, thank you for listing Guilty-Pleasures next to these impressive names. I'm honored.

  8. Great post - It's great to see us plus size girlies getting the appreciation we deserve! Fantastic blogs!

  9. I knew most of those blogs, but a couple were new to me! Awesome post. :D

  10. I read and love most of these blogs (three were new to me) and they are definitely worthy of advertising!

  11. WOW, how have I only just seen this? Thank you sooo much for including me on your list; I am so very honoured.