Monday, June 4, 2012

Solutions for Uneven Boobs, Disguising Nipples and Hard to Find Band Sizes

As women we are bombarded with images of perfectly symmetrical boobs that defy gravity and sit in their oh-so-cute bras like bouncy boiled eggs. In reality MOST women have one breast larger than the other and struggle to figure out which bra to wear. Add to that nipples with a mind of their own that pop up to take a look around whenever they feel like it and a bra band that never quite fits right and you've got yourself some real life boobs! Today we're looking at the solutions for these common problems.

Solutions for Uneven Breast Sizes
Most women have one breast larger than the other. For some it's almost imperceptible and for others the difference is a whole cup size or more. Nursing mothers know precisely how much difference two boobs can muster in a single day which is why nursing bras are super stretchy to accommodate the different cup sizes you experience on a daily basis. We're bringing in a line of amazing nursing bras that can be adjusted over 3 cup sizes to deal with this daily fluctuation. For everyone else, there are a few things you can do to support your smaller breast.

1) You must ALWAYS fit your bra to your largest breast. This is because you can add support to a small breast in a big cup but you can't undo the spillage of a large breast in a small cup.

2) Shorten your strap on the side of your smallest breast. This will close down some of the gaping between your breast and the cup. This works best with non-molded bras.

3) You can use foams cups inside your bra to even out your appearance. These are different from gel inserts that add cup sizes for smaller breasts because they are thinner and can be stacked to give you complete control over the extra padding you need.
Porcelain Viva is a great example of a lightweight bra that gives you modesty coverage.
Solutions for Over-Eager Nipples
Some women's nipples can be seen through their clothing regardless of the temperature or time of day. This is understandably not the look that you want all the time. You mustn't let you nipples trap you in a cycle of wearing thick, padded bras, there are other solutions.

1) Every woman should enjoy the diversity of lingerie so don't banish yourself from a fine lace bra for the fear of nipple distraction. You can solve the issue from within the bra with nipple petals. If like me your skin doesn't react well to adhesives then reusable silicone petals are ideal. You place one over each nipple then put on your bra. At the end of the day you can wash them, let them air dry then wear them again.

2) Busty women worry that wearing a molded bra will add too much bulk but materials have come a long way in the last few years to be lighter and more comfortable. A lightweight molded bra will give you the modesty you're after without the bulk.

Solutions for Women with In-Between Band Sizes
Band sizes come in even numbers, 30, 32, 34 etc. If your ribcage measures an odd number you can find that bras are either too tight or too loose. This problem is easily solved and can actually save you money!

1) Buy the band size smaller than your ribcage then invest in a pack of bra extenders (these are reusable and last ages). The bra extender links onto your bra closure and give you some extra band size. As your bra naturally stretches over time you will no longer need your bra extender. This method will extend the life of your bra too which saves you money.

Once you know which accessories you need to keep your breasts supported and comfortable it can free you up to enjoy a much wider range of bras. If you have a specific bra problem you would like help with you can email and one of our fit specialists will get back to you xx


  1. Good post! I've had people suggest going down in cup size to deal with the smaller breast and I have to point out that it's usually quite hard to see a bit of cup wrinkling under a top and very easy to see quadraboob!

    I struggle with the last point. I'm 29 inches but can't fit into 30 bands easily, but most 32 bands are too loose. I'm always seesawing over whether to get 30s or 32s - fortunately I do have an extender so if I do get 30s I can loosen them. I found that my extender went more than one band size, though. It stretched two or even three sizes, so I had to sew it to make it firmer.

    1. You're absolutely right that quadraboob is far more obvious and uncomfortable than a slightly wrinkled cup. I would recommend buying a 28 band if you can CK then using your bra extender. As with most things bra related, the brand of extender makes a difference for how much extra give you get between one inch and, as you say, even three sizes! Good tip about making your extender firmer by shortening it. Glad you liked the article xx

    2. Just wanted to add here that it's possible to buy two different kinds of extenders. One is just a piece of material with 3 or 4 rows of eyes plus a row of hooks to connect to your bra, and the other is similar to the first one but also has a section of elastic which means it has more give. Personally I am confused as to why the latter exists as it makes the band way too big...but the former can be used to very good effect if required.

    3. I can't do up the backs of 28 bands, Claire. I just manage it with my Freya Deco, but we all know they run large in the back and I should've gone for a 30 anyway. I struggle even to do up 30 bands and sometimes accidentally pull the eyes out of the band (oops!). I usually try to go for firm 32s and loose 30s and always keep my extender handy!

      I didn't know there were more than one type of extender, CurvyWordy! I'll have to have a look next time I'm out. Mine has the elastic, which I sewed over itself so it can't stretch any more. I tried it with my 28 band Deco once before sewing it and the bra was literally slipping down my torso on the tightest hooks.

  2. Great post! I just wanted to add that one simple solution for uneven breasts is to put in a dart at the top of the cup in the smaller cup. It seems to work best in seamed bras (being that you can just sew along the seam) but maybe someone who's a brave sewer could try it in other types of cups too.

    1. Fabulous point June, as long as you're good with a needle (that's not me!!) xx

  3. I haven't had any success with the Porcelain styles from Panache. Those bras are actually VERY thin and show-through is still a problem (even with my small nipples). The Deco is a better solution, but it is more dense and not really breathable like the Porcelain is. It does run "true to size", contrary to what I've heard about it, including CK's comment above. Mine all measure their size at maximum stretch...

  4. Great post with advice that should be seen by anyone experiencing uneven breast related issues. My best friend has this issue and tried going for bras which catered to her smaller size, as a result she was unable to wear any tightly fitting clothes as it made the problem more apparent because one breast would look fine but the other larger one would look overly compressed and like it was spilling out. A bra that fits the larger breast is definitely the way to go.

    1. I'm glad you found the post useful. Hopefully your friend has some comfortable bras now that fit her largest breast. xx