Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bloomers for the 21st Century!

I have all sorts of different knickers for different occasions and outfits. I felt like I had things pretty much covered until I wore Undersummers. When I took them out of the beautiful bright yellow packaging my first reaction was "Wow, those are epic!" I very quickly realized that these substantial undies would actually make a couple of outfits much easier to wear.

It may not be cool to say but I like to wear slips and petticoats because of their femininity and lovely silky feel. Under lots of fabrics an underskirt is easy to wear and keep the skirt or dress from bunching up or clinging to you. However, under a couple of my wrap dresses my slips and petticoats conspire with the dress to create a death-grip around my waist and thighs. I've never been able to work out why it happens but some outfits simply don't like having another layer underneath. Unfortunately these are usually my dresses that need an extra layer underneath because they're finer, more see-through materials. This is where Undersummers shine.

The shortlettes feel like a pair of knickers (giant knickers admittedly, but knickers all the same) but behave like a slip. The silky material prevents your clothes clinging to you and the short design ensures your 'slip' stays in place all day because it can't bunch up.

I tried the bridal white shortletttes and had planned to wear them with my cream Reiss dress, however, the scalloped hem was too short for the Undersummers. I tried them again with my knee-length white skirt, long white skirt and wrap black and white dress - all three were a hit. The shortlettes are a little on the long side (or my skirts are a little on the short side!) but with the garments they suited, my Undersummers have been wonderful.

Here are my favourite things about these modern day bloomers:

1) They give you the seamless look of shapewear without the constriction
2) They have a cotton gusset so they're as comfortable as regular underwear
3) At $35 they are affordable
4) There are lots of colours and patterns to choose from
5) There are sizes to suit lots of different shapes from Kids to 5-6XL

I'm yet to try out the camisoles so I can't comment yet on the fit for larger busts. I'm seriously tempted by the hot pink so expect a follow up post! xx

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  1. I need that leopard print set in my life !!!