Monday, July 9, 2012

Customer Experience: I've Stopped Being Ashamed of my Chest

This week I'm handing you over to my wonderful sister-in-law who has very kindly written about her experience of having her first bra fitting. I can tell you what a difference the right bra will make, but nothing is as good as hearing a first hand account of going from limp, uninspiring, badly-fitting bras to a joyful over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder like the Sunshine Yellow Lucy bra above...

Fear of the Unknown
I had barely finished expressing my dread for an impending bra shopping expedition when Mrs. Butterfly flicked her head towards the back room and asked, “Do you want to pop around for a quick fitting?” I got the distinct impression that she had been waiting for the first possible opportunity to get her tape measure around me! I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never been fitted for a bra before, however had I known the outcome, I would have sought her counsel a very long time ago.

Boob Hiding Tactics
I realize now that from the onset of my very early developing years to my fitting with Mrs. Butterfly, I never got past the awkward teenage stage where all you want to do is pretend your breasts don’t exist. I have spent the last twenty years of my life trying to hide my boobs.

A grey hoodie goes a long way to hiding your shape

I'd hunched, covered my chest with strategically placed scarves, I wore bulky sweaters in the sweltering heat of Australian summers and basically did anything I could think of to hide myself however possible. I spent a lot of time wishing that I didn’t have boobs, which is a great shame for a woman. One fitting with Claire at Butterfly Collection changed everything!

I didn't know my boobs until now
At first I was anxious about taking my top off in front of someone but Claire’s professionalism put me at ease in seconds and the actual measuring was the work of a few moments. She handed me a bra to try on, and nothing about the way I carry myself has been the same since.

When I clasped on my first bra, that actually fit me the way a bra is supposed to fit, I had an epiphany!  I didn’t hate my boobs! I just hated my boobs in the wrong bra!  When I shopped for bras by myself I set myself an imaginary size threshold that I would refuse to cross because then I would be admitting how big my boobs were. I thought that by wearing a bra with a smaller letter cup my boobs would look smaller (this doesn't work obviously!).  So imagine my surprise to find that in the correct bra, my boobs actually looked smaller!

My outfit with new bra from Butterfly Collection at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Butterfly!

I purchased three bras from Butterfly Collection after my fitting and have little doubt that before too long I will probably have more bras than Butterfly Collection's stock room. My new found bra enthusiasm is about more than just the comfort of wearing the right bra. It’s about how the right bra makes me look and the changes I feel, which then changes how I carry myself and how others see me.  Because of Claire, I am sure people think that I have grown an extra three inches since I am walking with a much straighter back these days.

If you have ever felt the way that I have about your large boobs, and you are on the fence about reaching out to Butterfly Collection because of any level of embarrassment or shame you think you might have, then I implore you to just bite the bullet and do it before you have the chance to talk yourself out of it.  You have nothing to lose but ill-fitting bras and reasons to hide.


  1. This is a great article! THank you for sharing! I wish I had read this exact article 10 years ago. At 32 years old, being someone that developed early, I've spent about 18 years in the wrong bra. As a result I've had back problems, HATED what I called my "clown boobs" (you know... as in clown feet... giant and stupid) and felt like a hooker if I had anything low cut. ALL that changed now that I'm wearing the right bra! [2 inches smaller around the band and 2 cup sizes bigger]. The only thing I'm ashamed of now is having waited this long!

    1. Dear HP - Thank you so much for sharing your experience as well. I'm so glad you found out that you had clown bras not boobs! Don't be hard on yourself, at 32 you're ahead of the curve finding out your correct fit. Enjoy your new found happiness xx

  2. I am another "late bra bloomer." I was in the wrong size until about 27. And I started wearing a bra at 11! I was spilling out of my 40DD bras. I always had underboob and bra slippage, and thought this was just how it was for full busts.

    My sister saw or heard about the Oprah show on My Intimacy, and got re-fittted into a 32HH. I decided to look into local boutiques to try to find a new size. I fitted into was a 36H. A very big difference.

    1. To get your bra fit right in your 20s is such a great thing. You have saved yourself all manner of physical and emotional issues that would have worsened over time. I hope you are much happier in your 36H bras. Thank you for sharing your story xx

  3. You (Butterfly-in-law) look fabulous and confident in that picture from the wedding!
    Claire is doing an amazing job (both in fitting and posting wonderful things on the blog).

    1. Thank you Lyla xx (p.s. I love Butterfly-in-law!)