Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holly Jackson: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Wires and Love Panache

If you'd asked me a month ago, I would have told you I hated Panache. I'd purchased two of their bras back in February at full price in a New York lingerie boutique after being fitted into them and later discarded them in the back of my drawer. They were a black Tango and a Fern bra and the only way to describe them was dreadful. They poked into my arms, they gaped in weird places and they practically came up to my chin. The shape they gave me was nice, but rounded breasts aren't worth pain and agony.
Panache Superbras, like the Tango here, have longer wires which can be problematic for shorter women

I talked (well, whined) to Claire about this after I got them and she pointed out the obvious: I was probably wearing the wrong size. She also mentioned that I should try Panache's Cleo bras, since they tended to have shorter wires. I filed this away for the future, but it was only after being refitted with a great fitter that Claire's theory was confirmed: I was either a 32H or an HH, not a 34J like my Tango bras were.

Lucy comes out in a seasonal colour twice a year
My Lucy bra fits perfectly in a 32HH and I love the bright colors. I'm now on the hunt for a yellow version to go with my purple one. It's definitely higher cut than some of my bras, but not to the point where I feel like my grandmother or that I can't wear v-neck t-shirts with it. It's the perfect bra for when I want tons of support without sacrificing style.

My Chloe is a tiny bit smaller in the cup, but still fits nicely. It's got a gorgeous liberty style print along with a darling bow and button detail on the gore. The fabric and pattern is perfect for summer!

If you've had problems with high wires in Panache bras in the past, don't give up! Make sure you're wearing the right size by scheduling a Skype fitting with Claire and try out the Cleo line. I've fallen in love with Panache as a result of trying it and completely understand why their bras are so highly recommended now.

Note from Butterfly Collection: We have new Cleo styles arriving in Fall 2012


  1. I've experienced this too - I'm fairly short and wide wires don't usually work well for me, so I mostly gave up on Panache. But then I discovered that the Cleo line worked much better! The Poppy bra was my favorite before I grew out of it... now to find and try out more styles in a 28H!

    1. The Cleo line has come a long way. I'm always amazed that they're comfortable and supportive enough for all day wear when they're so cute! We have more 28s coming in this Fall Christine so I'll keep you posted :) xx

  2. In my sadly limited experience with Panache, I've found that Cleo works much better for my shape as well. I don't do well with wide wires, but Cleo seems to fit my body and my boob-shape preferences quite well. I just wish I had the opportunity to try more!

    1. The Cleo wires are so different from Superbra - several inches in some cases! We've got more Cleo stock arriving this fall so maybe you'll get a chance to try more soon :) xx

  3. I'm like you used to be, I hate Panache for the same reasons. But I couldn't go down a back size, I can't do it up! I've never found my true Panache size (despite trying them for years), so I've resigned to never owning another tango. There are several in the back or my lingerie drawer!

    I'm interested to hear about Cleo not coming as long in the underwiring though, I might be tempted to give one a go. Previously I've always stayed well clear knowing that they are by Panache and assuming (having read a few reviews) the sizing was similar. I like the designs and colours, so next time I visit a Bravissimo, they might get a look in!

    Thanks for the update, always great to get reviews as lets face it, these things are not cheap!

  4. wish i'd read this before i bought my tangos. maybe i'll try cleo in the future as my band is a perfect fit and the cups seem to be the right size (they are the same as my Curvy Kate and Fantasie which fit beautiful) but the side wire extends into my arm pit with tango!