Monday, November 26, 2012

2nd Birthday Celebrations: Top 3 Booby Moments

Butterfly Collection Lingerie is my dream come true; my own business that delivers happiness and confidence to women across North America in the form of beautiful bras. There are so many moments that make me happy and grateful to be in this business. As we celebrate our second birthday I wanted to share with you my top three booby moments of the past year.

Skype Bra Fitting

1. Skype Fitting Delight
I do Skype Bra Fittings every week with women from every corner of this great continent. Sometimes I have follow up appointments with customers who want to ensure they have their new bras on correctly. I was booked for one such appointment with a lady named Alice. As the Skype screen rang I waited to see my customer pop up on the other end. Instead the screen came up and was filled with a homemade THANK YOU sign. This was quickly removed to reveal Alice hopping around in her new bra! Prior to our Skype Bra Fitting she had been wearing a 34D and she was now leaping around confidently in her new 30FF bra. This kind of joy is why I do this job :)

2. Completely Falling Apart
Some of my customers in Vancouver book private appointments with me and it's a lovely chance to chat over a cup of tea and have a full fitting. During a pre-fitting chat with one customer, Selina, she was recounting her bra woes to me when all of a sudden she clasped the front of her chest. Her exhausted and ancient bra decided to give up the ghost at that precise moment unleashing the full force of her 32HH bust! Selina's bra strap actually broke (this takes some doing but the hook panel had unstitched from the rest of the band). Never before had it been so apparent that it was time for a new bra!
3. Tears of Relief
It's not uncommon for my clients to burst into tears. Tears of frustration happen when women tell me about their emotional and physical frustrations around their breasts. Tears of sadness happen when a woman isn't completely at ease yet with her body. We have a lot of clients who came to us feeling embarrassed by or ashamed of their bodies and over time have gained the confidence and peace they needed to feel proud of their figures.

Tears of relief happen when my customers see themselves for the first time in a correctly fitting bra and they realize that they are beautiful (and have amazing boobs!) One such occasion was a telephone call from a customer who had received her bras from us and was overcome by the relief of having bras that didn't hurt her. At 42 she had spent most of her life in bras that made her feel and look awful. She told me that she knew she had just changed her life forever and that was easily one of the greatest moments for me and for Butterfly Collection. Thank you to everyone who gives us the privilege of being part of their bra journey xx


  1. Congratulations on hitting 2 years! I'm sure these moments made it all worth it. :)

    1. Thank you June, support from great bloggers like you has helped shape us xx