Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2nd Birthday Celebrations: Top 5 'Life in Big Boobs'

As we continue our birthday celebrations I wanted to look back at one of my favourite aspects of Butterfly Collection. Besides selling beautiful bras to busty women across North America a big part of our company is about lifting the spirits and confidence of busty women. I know that great bra fit starts in your mind and that you need the right emotional tools and support to love and celebrate being busty.

I came up with the idea of 'Life in Big Boobs' because some of the simplest things can be made more challenging or funny thanks to your ample bust! There are also some very real emotional hurdles to overcome when you live with big boobs and I wanted to let women know that they are not alone in tackling these issues. Over the last two years our library of 'Life in Big Boobs' images has grown thanks to Mr Butterfly's artistic skills.  Here are my Top 5 picks. Which is your favourite? xx

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  1. You are so right to find humour in these issues. It is too easy to feel put upon or a touch neurotic about comments on one's boobs. Sue