Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andorra Lagoon and Neon Turquoise Inspired Gift Guide

This week our gift guide is inspired by the beautiful Andorra Lagoon bra from Panache and the inimitable Dessous Neon Turquoise from Claudette. The timeless beauty of lace and the ultra modern flash of neon reminds us how diverse we women are!

Counter-clockwise from top-left:
Dessous Neon Turquoise from Claudette This bold and bright bra celebrates the diversity and joy of being busty. E-G Cup and 30-38 Bands.

Brightspot Avenue Lacey Wallet A simple and striking leather wallet with fabulous contrast red lining.

London Blue Topaz and Diamond Flower Ring Feminine and unique I love the design and style of this ring.

Andorra Lagoon The quintessentially elegant lace is made of ultra soft modern materials. A classic with beautiful shape. E-H Cups 30-38 Bands.

Deborah Dot Scarf  This scarf makes me think about breezy walks by the ocean. I love the combination of blues.

Triple Strap Skinny Belt I love the vibrancy of this belt. Perfect for adding a splash of colour and definition to jeans and a top.

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  1. LOVE my lagoon Andorra, now just need to get my hands on that Neon Dessous... Yum! x