Monday, December 17, 2012

Busty Review 2012 - Top 3 Busty Topics This Year

As another year of full-bust blogging comes to an end I wanted to give you a summary of the most discussed busty themes from 2012; Wearing Smaller Band Size, How Cup Sizes are Relative to Your Band and Breast Bullying.

Smaller Band Sizes
If you're a regular reader you'll know that the most common mistake made in bra fitting is putting women in bra bands that are too big for them. Smaller band sizes don't just apply to women who need 28 and 30 bands (but struggle to find them in regular stores) it also applies to women with larger torsos. Women with squidgier torsos often get relagated to wearing big bands when in fact they need smaller bands to give support and lift.
I cannot stress enough how important your bra band is to good fit. If you are reassessing whether your bra size is right for you the best place to start is find out if your band size is giving you enough support. Here are four Band Blogs from this year that help you work out whether you need a smaller or longer band:

Small Bands are Better for Squidgy Torsos
Breaking the 34 Band Barrier
The Bra Statistic That Just Won't Die
The Women Who Need to Add Inches to their Band Size

Cup Sizes are Relative to Band
One of the busty subjects that we made a lot of headway with this year was how cup sizes simply denote how much bigger your overbust measurement is in comparison to your band size. Once you know that cup sizes mean nothing without knowing the band size you realize that stereotypes about D+ breasts just doesn't make any sense!

Here are two of our most popular blog posts about how cups are relative to band:
Bra School - Not All D Cups Are The Same
Why Do Cup Volumes Get Bigger as The Band Gets Bigger

Breast Bullying
From girls going through puberty to adult women experiencing ignorance from colleagues, strangers and the media, breast-bullying persists in our society. When women get in touch to say that they are no longer tolerating or absorbing the hurtful breast-ignorance they have encountered I know that this blog is making a real difference.

Changing attitudes towards breasts and stamping out breast-bullying is something I am deeply passionate about as these three blog posts explain:

Are Women Taught to Criticize Other Women
A Guide for Parents of Busty Daughters
Breast Bullying

As we go into 2013 there are a lot of subjects I will be covering to help you support, love and be proud of your bust. If there are specific things you would like Butterfly Collection blog to cover then let me know in the comments. I hope you have enjoyed this year of busty blog posts, I am so grateful for all your support and feedback, thank you xx

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