Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Prepare for Lingerie Sale Shopping

December and January see some of the biggest sales of the year in the lingerie world. There are bargains to be found in stores and online so it's a great time to revitalize your lingerie drawer. However, lots of sales come with limited stock and returns/exchange policies so it's a good idea to be prepared for this shopping bonanza so you don't end up with some reasonably price undies that don't fit you and can't be returned! Here's our guide to being Lingerie Sale Prepared:

You may have had your heart set on something for months and know exactly where your lingerie sale dollars will go. However, if you need some inspiration on what to buy and what will work well with your figure/size then now is a great time to drool over the amazing lingerie shopping guides out there. The Lingerie Addict has created some phenomenal guides, like this one on stockings.

Lingerie Bloggers are an invaluable resource for lingerie reviews and to find styles that will suit you. Find a blogger who has a similar physique, style or passion to you and spend some time getting to know their recommendations. I love Invest in Your Chest, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Sweet Nothings, Curvy Wordy, Fussy Busty and Busts for Justice

Have a Lingerie Plan and Budget
Lots of sales will have very limited stock and it will be first come first served. So that you don't end up being disappointed it's worth having a plan! Of course it would be wonderful to have every bit of lingerie loveliness that your heart desires, in reality, you'll probably need to prioritize.
It's a good idea to appraise what you already have in your lingerie collection and make a list of what you have to replace "must buy a new black plunge and strapless bra" and then make a list of lingerie lusts - things that you don't need but can't live without! Prioritize your Lust List (must find a pair of Walford stockings and a corset, would be nice to have a red lace set) then put a price that you're willing to pay next to each item - this will help you keep on track when the sales kick in. 

Read All About It
Lots of stores will have bonus sales for their newsletter readers (we have extra sale treats for our customers in Curvy Life, our newsletter) so it's well worth getting signed up with stores that carry the lingerie you have your eye on. Some stores pump out an insane number of emails but if you can put up with the seasonal spam long enough to get a deal or two then you can unsubscribe in the new year. 

Measure Up
It's important that you have a good understanding of your size before you start sale shopping. If you experience problems with all or most of the bras in your collection then now is the time to get wise about what size/s and styles are best for you.

If you have a local store that provides reputable fittings (just because a lingerie shop has a bespectacled woman wielding a tape measure doesn't mean the fittings are reliable!) then book yourself in and get a better understanding of your size. While you're there you can check out the pieces you would like to pick up when the sales start.
For women without a local store there are lots of ways to get a better understanding of your size using online tools like ours.

a) Free Online Size Consultation - an emailed consultation that looks at the issues you're having with fit and makes size/style recommendations based on your personal details

b) Free Skype Fitting - one of our most popular fitting tools. This is a chance to meet a professional fitter from the privacy of your home and learn all about your size and which styles work well for you

c) Bra Size Calculator - our calculator gives you a starting point to check whether you're in the right size range.

Size is a Moving Target
If you're on the lookout for a beautiful nightgown then you'll probably have some leeway in size. However, when you're bra sale shopping your size matters a great deal. It's important to remember that size varies across brands and styles so if you've got your eye on a brand or style that you've never worn before it's worth doing some research about how that bra fits.

Image from Bratabase
Bratabase is a great resource to find out how a bra style compares to other brands and styles. This site also offers a community environment where other shoppers share their experiences and recommendations.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of the lingerie sale shopping and you start 2013 in pieces that make you feel spectacular! xx

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  1. To Prepare for Lingerie Sale Shopping, be aware that you may have to travel – although I see quite a few independent brands keep their sample sales online (websites like Etsy are brilliant for these), most sample sales seem limited to big cities. Since moving away from the capital I've found myself taking the train back a few times already so as not to miss out on bargains! Thank you.