Monday, March 4, 2013

Panache Spring Summer Bras Review

There are many important aspects of bras for busty women; fit, self-esteem, health and style but there is also JOY! I know that many of you will still be on the journey to finding good fit and can't believe that your 34H boobs will ever be joyful but trust me, they can. The SS2013 collection from Panache has some really fun and joyful designs. We have chosen some of the happiest designs for spring/summer at Butterfly Collection because you shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion for support. Here's a look at the prints and colours we hope will bring some bra joy to your Spring!

When I first saw Bella I knew that bras for larger busted women had reached a new level. The print is bold, the design is excellent and the price is affordable. There are so many busty women still unaware that bright and beautiful bras like this exist but as word spreads, so too does the joy!
Bella is based on the Lucy and Marcie model which means it gives great forward projection and rounded shape. Bella is great for bottom heavy and top full breasts. The aquamarine base with bright yellow bird embroidery make this bra one of my all-time favourites from Cleo. Available at Butterfly Collection April 2013.

I have a deep love of blue bras and the electric blue Loretta Plunge Bra makes me tingly! The combination of sheer panels, microfiber cups and embroidered edging creates a classic style with modern updates.
The cups are wider so good for wide-set and side heavy breasts. The angle of the plunge gives a lot of support so many women with close breasts and/or protruding sternum could find this a great everyday bra too. Stylish, sexy and supportive. Available at Butterfly Collection Mid-March.

I love the modern kitsch of Cleo's spring line. The double print combination of berries and clouds could lull you into thinking Melissa is just a playful bra but this bra gives serious support!
The firm lower 2-parts of this bra give amazing uplift (hello perky boobs!) It's ideal for top heavy or rounded breasts. This is easily supportive enough to be your go-to spring bra. Available online now.
Jasmine has very quickly become a Panache favourite amongst women of many different breast shapes. The four-part construction gives extraordinary support and the stretch lace top panel is SO forgiving it adjusts to your body.

The muted floral pattern combined with navy lace makes this a subtle but striking bra. The fit and support are fabulous, no wonder this has inspired the creation of a new continuous style, Envy, available fall 2013. Available at Butterfly Collection mid-March.

2013 is a great year to add beautiful and colourful bras to your collection thanks to large cup bras getting some long overdue JOY! xx


  1. These sets are so pretty! Just about everyone of these is on my wishlist right now.

  2. I'm with Amber, love the colours, especially the vibrant electric blue and the pastels. Heaven.

  3. Okay, so I recently purchased two Panache Cleo 'Neve' bras and they fit excellently, so I wanted to look around for bras in that size that were cheap online (some sales have them for as little as sixteen dollars!) However, I went back to look at the tag and it says US/UK sizing: 36G. Now I know for a fact that US and UK sizes are different, so I have no idea which size I bought, an American 36G that would be a UK 36F, or a UK 36G that would be a US 36I? If it helps any my measurements are 36 underband and 44 round the middle.

    1. Sorry, same anon, when I said round the middle I meant the fullest part of my breasts.

    2. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. You need to look for bras in a UK 36G. You can ignore the US sizing info on your label. A US H cup fits more like a UK G cup than a US I cup. Hope that helps xx