Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lindsay's Story: Bras and Bralessness

The biggest reward in this job is when a customer gets in touch to say that she is so inspired by her correctly fitting bra that she wrote a blog post about it! Lindsay writes about how her new found bra fit wove together bralessness, liberation and happiness xx
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"Some of my friends have these marvelous little breasts and when they don’t feel like it, they don’t wear bras. In public. For them, bralessness is liberating. I guess it’s liberating for me, too, but less like sexy radical and more like undoing your pants after Christmas dinner. I mean, I look good naked, but a shirt without a bra creates a depressing optical illusion. The world and I are not ready for that kind of radical.
But my concerns are not just aesthetic. Bralessness is an uncomfortable and impractical option. This fact seems to have been overlooked by some feminists, who I assume are modestly endowed. Famous feminist, Germaine Greer said, “Bras are a ludicrous invention.” I used to say this too, but Germaine and I meant different things. I said it as I tried on cheap bra after cheap bra, while I tugged at the band and fussed with the straps. Germaine meant that bras are an oppressive tool of patriarchy. 
"Lucy is one of my favourite-ever bras"
When you have big boobs the woes of an ill-fitting bra are oppressive but a well-fitting bra is totally liberating. In a good bra you can do the things you want to do without discomfort or worry. Lucy is one of my favourite-ever bras for this reason. It’s supportive and majorly minimizes the horrible boob sweat that so many other bras engender (particularly molded cups). Don’t be afraid of soft cup wired bras! (I know Claire tells you this all the time, but as a convert and former La Senza victim, I really want to urge you to give it a shot. Actually, give it a lot of shots, because it took me a while to get used to them too and now I’m in love.) And it actually makes my boobs look smaller too! Or rather, their actual, natural size.

Now that it’s finally warm out, I’ve been riding my bike everywhere. It’s glorious. The other day it was particularly warm out and I was riding my bike wearing my Lucy bra and this breezy top and I could feel the wind on my breasts. Woah. It hadn’t even occurred to me that in a molded cup bra the rest of my skin could feel the breeze but not my boobs. My boobs were free, and I was free thanks to the support of an awesome bra. Now that’s liberating."

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