Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Dos and Don'ts of Returning Bras

Buying bras online often involves returning and exchanging them. When you have a good understanding of your size and which styles work for you the returns and exchanges happen far less often. The return and exchange policy will differ depending on where you buy your bras but with a few simple tips you can speed up the process of getting your refund or exchange.

There are some dos and don'ts when it comes to returning bras for a refund or exchange (we know having been on the receiving end of some strange return surprises!) Here's a handy checklist which will help you get your refund or exchange fast and without any hassle from your lingerie retailer:

1. Cut the tags off.
2. Forget to include the tags with your returned package (they often have a barcode on them which is how they are filed and retrieved in a warehouse)
3. Smoke when trying on bras. If your home is smoky then the new bra will pick up the smell so try and keep the bras sealed in a bag and away from any smoke.
4. Send free samples of your pet's fur back with your bra! A lint roller is a cheap and easy way to ensure that bits of your pet aren't stuck to the bras you return.
5. Send bras bras back with deodorant on them. This can be tricky to avoid so a good tip is to run a sponge under medium hot water then ring it out and dab (don't wipe) on the area where you can see deodorant. The marks should come up easily and dry quickly.
6. Return your bras after the exchange/return period has expired without contacting your retailer first.

1. Send the product back in the same condition you received it.
2. Return it within the time frame that your retailer gave you at the time of purchase. Most retailers allow you to return full price bras within a fixed time period from sale.
3. Tell your retailer why you're returning the bra so they can help you figure out other options. A good retailer should be able to diagnose the fit issues you had with a style or size and be able to recommend other brands, styles or sizes either from their store or from another one. Your fit and comfort is the primary concern.

Weirdest things we've had returned
1. A bra that was sold 18 months earlier and had been worn A LOT with a note saying she expected the bra to last two years because that's how long her Aunt's bras lasted.
2. A grocery list included with the return - it gave us some ideas for dinner :)
3. A chocolate bar wrapper stuck to the bra.
4. Two beige bras covered in red lipstick and glitter - we assumed someone had a good night out!
5. Luggage tags from a flight to Hawaii from Edmonton - we'd like the tickets next time please ;)

I hope this list helps you get your returned bras dealt with quickly and without any hassle! xx


  1. Haha! Love that you included the 'weirdest things we've had returned.' Gives me a special insight into the interesting part of your job! ;)

    1. There are lots of unexpected moments! xx

  2. Weirdest things section is awesome! )))

  3. I'd be curious to know how you responded to the weirdest thing #1 :)

    1. Gosh, that was a while ago but I think we just let her know that no two bras will last the same length of time. How often you wear a bra, how much you sweat, how you put it on - all these things affect how long it will last. xx

  4. Hilarious - and really good info. You don't think this would have to be spelled out, but I guess it does.

  5. Oh my , those are some funny things to have returned to you. I can guess their are some weirder ones .

    Luckily I don't have pets so when I do returns do pet hair .