Monday, July 22, 2013

Online Bra Consultation: Top 5 Fit Issues

We've been doing online bra consultations for over two years. It is one of our most popular services probably because it's fast, free and it doesn't matter where you live you can find out more about your bra fit. I created this service because it was an easy way to get bra and breast knowledge to lots of women and I believe understanding your own breasts is liberating.

The consultation is a simple form that is filled out with a couple of measurements as well as details about which bra you're currently wearing, your height, dress size and bra issues. From this basic information we put together a profile of the size range that would be best for you as well as styles that would suit your shape best. There are some fit and size issues that come up time and time again.

Lucy is our busiest online consultant and has done almost 1000 online consultations! She compiled a list of the top 5 fit issues she sees most often in the online consultations:

1) Over 80% of women who listed Victoria's Secret as their most comfortable bra cited their band rides up.

2) Most women whose straps are digging in are wearing a band that is too big for them and don't realize that that's the reason their straps dig in.

3) Lots of women feel wires poking in their armpit but it's most common in women under 5ft 4"

4) Over half of the women we do consultations for measure between 24 and 31 inches around their ribcage.

5)  Besides wearing a band that's too big the most common cause of straps slipping off is wearing a cup that is too small.

You might feel like you're alone in your bra frustrations but you'd be amazed how many women are experiencing the same bra frustrations as you. Learning about better bra fit can take a while and it's a lot of information to take in especially if you learn that you need a cup size you've never heard of and a brand not available at your local department store. I wanted the bra size consultations to be an easy introduction to better understand your bra fit. Lots of our clients tell us that it was the beginning of their journey to better bra fit which makes me super happy! xx


  1. Out of curiosity, have you had anyone measure under 24 inches?

    1. I can only recall one consultation that I've had with a ribcage smaller than 24 but Lucy and Anna may have had more. We get a lot of clients with a ribcage measurement of 26 and many choose not to have a 28 band altered as they prefer the extra give of the larger band. Whereas clients with a larger ribcage tend to wear the same as their ribcage measurement or smaller. xx

  2. These statistics are so interesting, but really telling. I went to a new bra shop today looking for 28FFs and the lady siad that hardly anyone wanted the 28s so they didnt order many, and that no one would by the 30 that fir like a 26. And this was is a specialty shop! No wonder such complaints are so common...

    1. I think things are changing but lots of people (consumers and owners alike) don't know that sub 32 bands exist. We will continue to try and change that :) xx

  3. The link is broken :(

    I've lost a ton of weight and need new bras! I don't know how to size me without your amazing calculator.