Monday, July 1, 2013

The Right to Bra Choice

There is a lot of science to bras, but there is an equal amount of choice. I always tell my clients that I can tell you how a bra is technically supposed to fit but if it doesn't feel right to you or you don't like the style then it's the wrong bra because you won't wear it, and that defeats the point.

I have said before that just because a bra is your size does not mean it will fit you and this is because style is as important to fit as size. Depending on your physique some bras will have cups that are too far apart or too close together, wings that are too high or too short or cups that are too round or too flat. This doesn't make you or the bra wrong, it just means you're not destined for one another.

Over the past 6 months there have been a few bra conversations in the media and social outlets that undermine the idea that bra fit is unique to each individual. There are two commandments that I urge you not to break; 1) a bra band that rides up your back means your bra is totally redundant and 2) cups that don't encase your whole breast can damage your breast tissue. However, aside from a band that supports and cups that don't rest on breast tissue the rest of bra fit is a very personal thing.

As long as it doesn't ride up the choice of how tight you prefer your band is up to you (l) Delphi (r) Profile Perfect

You may like a bra band that is very snug, or you may prefer it to be as loose as it will go without riding up. Neither of these things is wrong, they're just choices and that's what I think the whole bra business should be about. Manufacturers should strive to give choice in both size and style and commentators, like us, should strive to empower and inspire women to explore their choices. It's personal choice that I think has been challenged by articles saying you should never wear a tight band or you should never have cups that come too high. From bloggers to manufacturers there are some pretty stark articles out there that say "the way I say to wear a bra is right and anyone who disagrees is wrong." and that's just plain nonsense! What feels right for one woman will feel awful for another so we need to stop telling each other what we have to do and encourage each other to find our best fit, whatever that might be.

Your best bra fit will rarely be an overnight epiphany. It is an ever-evolving journey that changes with your body, life and preferences. What I hope for all of you lovely readers is that you have the knowledge to understand what your best bra fit looks and feels like (bands that are parallel around your body and smooth cups are the foundation) and the confidence to pursue your journey with an open mind (never say never to a leopard print bra!)

Every now and then I think bra conversations need grounding. Goodness knows I understand how passionate and emotional the subject is, but we must remember that we don't need anyone else's approval to be happy in our bra choices, we just need to seek out what makes us happy in our bras. If you are in doubt about where to begin finding your best fit or how to get out of your own bra rut then our support team can help and I highly recommend Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, The Lingerie Addict, Boosaurus, Bratabase, Venusian Glow and Braless in Brasil for bra fit information and pure lingerie inspiration. xx


  1. I read your blog alot and you have helped me sooo much!I always wanted to know what you mean when you say "shallow" in regards to breast shape. My mother only knows so much and after years of following her intentionally good but misguided advice, I now in my 20's have thin and long (well shaggy)breasts and I wonder if thats what you mean when you say shallow.

    1. Sorry for being slow getting back to you. I'm so glad you've found the blog useful. Shallow generally refers to breast tissue that doesn't protrude very far forward. If a bra is rounded in shape (especially a molded bra) then shallow breasts can't fill out the top of the cups that's why style matters so much in regards to fit. Long breasts or saggy breasts don't necessarily mean that you're shallow through the top of your breasts once you're in a bra. The breast tissue can round out when lifted into the cups. However, if you feel like you're quite flat through the tops of your cups then you would have shallow breasts and it's a good idea to look for shallow friendly styles xx

    2. I forgot to include the link to the shallow friendly bras on our site

  2. I am so, so, SO glad you wrote this. Thank you.